Who Won’t Be Making Jokes about WMD

By Gerald A. Honigman (07/16/05) The Bush Administration has come under increasing fire due to its inability to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, one of the main reasons it gave in launching its attack in the first place. While Jay Leno & Co. continue to crack jokes, and AP writers such as Matthew Fordahl have also made light of the subject in papers such as The Herald in Rock Hill, South Carolina (“For Today’s Giggle, Try Asking Google To Find weapons Of Mass Destruction,” 7/16/03), there is one people who surely will not be joining in the laughter. And they were not the only ones for whom the subject is deadly serious–literally. “The Kurds have no friends but the Mountain” is a piece of aging Kurdish wisdom. And while the mass gassings and other slaughter of this people have too often been treated as “yesterday’s news,” all the current hype about whether or not Adolph — er Saddam — Hussein had/has weapons of mass destruction brings their tragic story back onto center stage…or at least should.

Read the rest at AmericanDaily.com

It’s kinda long, but a good read.

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