O’Reilly Gets It

Friday, August 5,2005

By Bill O’Reilly

No surprise, a New York chapter of the ACLU (search) is suing the police for searching bags in the subway system. We knew this would happen because the ACLU has opposed nearly every anti-terror measure authorities have come up with since 9/11.
Here’s how nuts this organization is: The ACLU opposes allowing the feds to have floating wiretaps that would monitor cell phone conversations of suspected terrorists. It opposes American civilians assisting the border patrol — you remember the ACLU went to Arizona to monitor the Minutemen (search). It opposes profiling of suspected terrorists. It opposes military tribunals to try captured terrorists. It opposes coerced interrogations of captured terrorists. It has demanded that more pictures of Americans abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib (search) be released, knowing that would help Al Qaeda (search) recruitment.
The ACLU opposes the sharing of information about suspected terrorists and sued to stop New York state from participating in MATRIX, the Multistate Anti-terrorism Information Exchange.
“Talking Points” could go on and on, but you get the picture. If the ACLU ever wants money, it should contact the Al Qaeda fundraisers. No organization in America enables terrorism as much as the ACLU, period. It is putting your life in danger. And that is no exaggeration.
Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. No way to stop it. The ACLU operates within the law and uses the legal system to oppose the war on terror. And there are enough loony judges around to give that organization power, especially here in New York City and in San Francisco.
The only thing we can do is hold people who raise and give money to the ACLU accountable. In the weeks to come, “The Factor” will tell you who these people and organizations are, so you can decide whether or not you want to do business with them.
There are many issues I struggle with on this program, trying to decide what’s right and what’s wrong so I can present a cogent analysis to you. But the ACLU’s opposition to all anti-terror measures is not one of those issues. This is a dangerous organization. The evidence of that is overwhelming.
And that’s the Memo.

Hat Tip: Fox News

Yes, I know what the ACLU is supposed to stand for. And yes, I am aware that the ACLU is defending Rush. Nothing wrong with that. However, the ACLU is a lot like the NAACP. For the most part, they no longer represent what they claimed to stand for. And yes, I expect heat from the left.

As far as captured prisoners or unlawful enemy combatants go, why is the left hell bent that they be charged? They constantly whine that they haven’t been charged with anything. My question is what would you charge them with? Why is this a question? I keep asking, and have never gotten an answer, “Why are folks more worried about our prisoners, who are very much alive, than they are for their prisoners, who are very much dead?”.

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