We all know that Ronald Reagan won the Greatest American Contest. So I came up with the idea of who would be the BIGGEST LIBERAL. Here’s how it works.

There are a whole bunch of leftist kook candidates. From politicians, to bloggers, radio hosts, and a big Fat LAND WHALE phony film maker. It is up to you to decide…WHO IS THE BIGGEST LIBERAL.

You can vote, but only once per day. You can come back to the site the next day and vote again. In a few weeks we will whittle it down to the top 10, then the top 5. On September 9th, I will announce the winner and we will know who is THE BIGGEST LIBERAL!. 🙂

I hope all of you reading this will take part daily as well as spread the word to other conservative sites in the blogosphere, talk radio and places like Free Republic. Let’s reach the 1 million vote mark and be able to embarass one of these libs by slapping the Liberal label on their forhead for all to see.

Below you will see “E-mail this post to a friend.” Please take the time to take advantage of this function. Let’s make this a contest that everyone hears about. Let’s bring conservatives from everywhere, here to cast their votes.

This can be a lot of fun folks, I hope you can help me in this endeavor. I have personally spent 2 months and mucho dinero getting this thing setup. I want it to succeed and I ask for your help.


Museum Curator

Museum Of Left Wing Lunacy

Decisions, decisions.

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