So What Will Roberts Go Through?

Tar & Feather, Inc.: A Liberal 10-Step Plan for Judicial Character Assassination
With the same liberal extremists in leadership since 1987, we can predict the 10 steps that People for the American Way, Alliance for Justice, National Organization for Women, NAACP, and the others will take to smear President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees. The 10 steps will be a carbon copy of the campaigns against Judges Bork, Souter, and Thomas.

1. Before a vacancy is announced – whip your membership into a frenzy with overblown rhetoric… Read more >>

2. …while preparing for battle.

3. Once a nominee is named, immediately announce that the nominee’s record “raises more questions than it answers.” Read more >>

4. Plead for a slower pace.

5. If the nominee is rated highly qualified by the ABA, dismiss this as a prerequisite for the job. If the nominee receives anything less than the highest qualifications, express outrage. Read more >>

6. Force the nominee to pledge allegiance to a liberal ideology. Read more >>

7. Ah-HAAAA!!! – The Left’s research will reveal a few “alarming” findings or “smoking guns.” Read more >>

8. Previously released findings re-released as “research” and distributed by the media. Read more >>

9. Liberal Hollywood Celebrities make an 11th hour appearance. Read more >>

10. FINALLY, official opposition is coordinated and announced in a drip-drip fashion. Read more >>

Hat Tip: UporDownVote

Not surprisingly, we’ve already seen several examples of this. The libs are SOOOO predictable.

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