Put ICE On Your Cell

ICE on Mobile Phones Speeds Rescue in Broward County, Florida

Miami Herald via Associated Press

When Broward County paramedics reached the mangled car that had smashed into a tree and came to rest on the side of the roadway, they immediately started working on the young woman trapped inside, bleeding profusely from head injuries.

Since the woman was incoherent and carried no identification, rescue workers worried worried about her medical background. Does she suffer from seizures? Is she a hemophiliac? Does she have any allergies to certain medications?

There’s an easy solution for this type of situation, paramedics say. They want every person to have personal information stored in their cellphone, which would serve as a high-tech medical alert tool.

The process even has a name — ICE, an acronym for In Case of Emergency — and it’s already being used in Europe and is now being pushed in different areas around the United States.

”Without emergency contact information, medical personnel are behind the 8-Ball when trying to treat someone,” said Captain Ken Kronheim, of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Read more about this great idea @ Firehouse.com.

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