Waco Families Gather at Clinton Home to Ask for Meeting

CHAPPAQUA, New York — Grief-stricken families of those incinerated at the Waco compound during the Clinton Administration set up camp outside of Clinton’s house demanding he meet with them to explain why it happened.

“We got the idea from that woman with the funny hat at Bush’s ranch,” said one of the family members. “We never got an explanation from Clinton about what happened that day, and he owes us one. We’re going to stand outside the Clinton mansion with our burning candles until he sits down and lets us yell, scream and berate him. Bush already met once with that Sheehan lady, and we didn’t get a single meeting with Clinton.”

Hat Tip: Jerhad!com

For the benefit of our liberal readers like GayCow, this article is SATIRE. In other words, it’s humor. It’s not to be taken seriously like Michael Moore.

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