TS Katrina

So right now, it doesn’t look like Katrina is going to gain much strength. Plus there’s apparently a slight chance that she’ll have much of an effect on TGC Command. Seems like it might be pretty breezy here this weekend and highly likely that we’ll get some rain. As anybody should, we’ll be keeping an eye on the NE quadrant of the storm to see how it might effect us here.
I don’t wish last year to reoccur, but I do want to see how we manage with our new generator. I hate it when the power goes out, but I want to see that $600 do something besides sit in the garage, if you know what I mean.

TGC Partner will be here in 1d16h00m00s. I doubt his flight from IAH will be cancelled, but one never knows. We’ll be keeping an eye out. BTW, I’m in Polk County which is about halfway between Tampa and Orlando. Based on the map above, we’re sorta under the L in FL.

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