At what point does personal responsibility for getting the hell out of Dodge end and government responsibility for saving your ass begin??

Now before you go ape-shit on me, let me tell you what I think. Yes the governor and/or the mayor of New Orleans should have utilized the buses or anything else at their disposal to help those who couldn’t get out for one reason or another. That should have been done especially since they told the people that they would. And no, Bush should NOT have been there on day one rescuing people with Marine 1.


They also told the people, including the disabled etc. beforehand that they needed to figure out how to get out. So my question is, where is the line where people are no longer responsible for themselves and they have to rely on the government to save them.
At the same time, there’s still folks there who refuse to leave even with health warnings. Should those folks be forced to leave or should they be left to their own devices? Should those folks be given supplies?
I say no. If you don’t want to leave, I say “You’re on your own”. Of course, I’m not sure how they’re handling those situations. Given today’s letigious society, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the least, officials would have to get signed waivers.

Thanks to Sacred Cow Burgers for the graphic.

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