For The Liberals…

Who are hell bent on beating the dead horse about the New Orleans levees and continue to politicize the disaster:

The breaches that have occrred on the levees surrounding New Orleans are located on the 17th Street Canal Levee and London Avenue Canal Levee. The 17th Street Canal Levees and London Avenue Canal Levees are completed segments of the Lake Ponchitrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project. Although other portions of the Lake Ponchitrain project are pending, these two segments were complete, and no modifications or improvements to these segments were pending, proposed or remain unfunded.

Furthermore, here’s quotes from a press conference with Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Chief of Engineers on 1 September found on the same link.

Q: There have been suggestions that inadequate funding for levee projects delayed their completion and resulted in the flooding of New Orleans.

Gen. Strock: “In fact, the levee failures we saw were in areas of the projects that were at their full project design…So that part of the project was in place, and had this project been fully complete…[West Bank, Southeast Louisiana, and Lake Ponchitrain] it’s my opinion, based on the intensity of this storm, that the flooding of the Central Business District and the French Quarter would still have occurred. So I do not see that the level of funding is really a contributing factor in this case.”

Q:There have also been suggestions that the Corps of Engineers was unable to fully fund flood control needs in New Orleans or elsewhere because funding was diverted to the Global War on Terror.

Gen. Strock: “Let me also address the issue of the general impact of the war in Iraq on civil works funding. We’ve seen some suggestions that our budget has been affected by the war. I can also say that I do not see that to be the case. If you look at the historical levels of funding for the Corps of Engineers from the pre-war levels back to 1992, ’91, before we actually got into this, you’ll see that the level of funding has been fairly stable throughout that period. So I think we would see that our funding levels would have dropped off if that were the case; so I do not see that as an issue that is relevant to the discussion of the flood protection of the City of new Orleans.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers News Release

So now, you’ll have to find more lying points so you can keep politicizing the disaster.

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