Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn Is An Idiot

There. I’ve said it.
Nevermind the bigoted race baiting. Nevermind the extortion. Nevermind the passing of collection plates in church for political funds. The Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn exploited the victims of hurricane Katrina in Houston Monday. Of course, the so-called “conservative biased media” focused on what Barbara Bush said. But, of course, Mrs. Bush is less likely to extort money from the media to get her way in the style of the Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn.

Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn (Speaking), Rep. Al Green (Foraging for food) and Rep. Sheila Jackson (Got my ass booted from Continental Airlines, twice) Lee.

The Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn, while whining in Houston about the storm victims being sent “too far away”, he stated “It is racist to call American citizens refugees.” Really? Referring to people what they are is racist? How ridiculous is that? Let’s find out what the word Refugee means. According to Houghton Milton, we find the following:



One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution.

French réfugié, from past participle of réfugier, to take refuge, from Old French, from refuge, refuge ; see refuge.

O.k. So if a person leaves where they live to seek refuge somewhere else, that person is, in fact, a refugee. Nothing racist about it. The definition says nothing about niggers who flees, porch monkeys who flee nor does it say darkies, fuzzies, kikes, japs, chinks, wops, pollock, dot heads, camel jocky’s, frogs etc. It’s NOT racist. Besides, it’s French. You don’t really want to piss off one of our beloved “allies” by labeling one of their words as racist, do you?

And then there’s this gem:

Jackson also lambasted the Louisiana office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, saying it should have let the Red Cross into New Orleans immediately after the hurricane passed one week ago.

Homeland security officials told the Red Cross not to enter the city because they were trying to get residents out, not encourage them to stay, because most of the city was still under water, and because armed gangs of looters were in the streets.

Marsha Evans, president of the American Red Cross, said today the agency was ready to go in. Its volunteers understood the danger and were willing to do their jobs, she said.

“The decision not to let them in was not sound,” Jackson said. “The danger was exaggerated.”

First of all, the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is a state office. It’s not a branch office of the Department of Homeland Security. Secondly, on what evidence does the Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn base his statement that “the danger was exaggerated”? Was he there? Is he familiar with securing cities after a natural disaster? In short, what the hell is he talking about? I won’t even get into the retarded “acculturated” remark other than to ask if he’s absolutely sure he wants to use that word.

As an emergency responder, I’m disgusted by the disgraceful tact that the liberal left has taken in response to the Katrina disaster. The monkey show that they are putting on while exploiting the victims is sickening to say the least. We have people working their asses off helping these people while the liberals sit back and bitch. I’ve had my share of bystanders telling me and/or my pards that we didn’t know what we were doing or that we were too slow to respond. Those people usually got to sit in the back of a police car until we were done. Basically, Reverennnd Jacksonnnnnn, do us all a favor and either lead, follow or shut the hell up. They need help, not race baiting and stupidity.

Quotes & photo from the Houston Chronicle

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