This Is Just Sickening

towleroad: The Cover-Up Begins

Now liberals are bitching because they won’t get to see the dead bodies from Hurricane Katrina. I keep thinking these assholes can’t get any sicker and they keep proving that they can. I was hesitant to post a link to this because I don’t want to be responsible for him getting any hits, but then it’s up to you.

For your enjoyment, here’s some questions I asked the Towleroad gang.

A few points with some questions mixed in.

1. So as I understand it, you guys want to open your paper and look at a multi-page montage of the dead while you munch on your Pop-Tarts?

2. Last I checked, it was unethical for the media to show dead or critically injured bodies. Does that not apply to the liberal media, or just when there’s a Republican in office?

3. Exactly what is the role of the Secreatary of State during a domestic disaster? I, and I’m sure she would like to know.

4. What, exactly, should President Bush or Vice President Cheney have done the day of the storm, since DHS was in charge of response, that would have saved anybody’s life?
5. You and I both know that if the media splashed pictures of the bodies all over the place, you libs would bitch about how Bush should have prevented it.

6. It took Witt’s FEMA about three (that’s “3” for you liberals) weeks to respond to the flooding after hurricane Floyd in 1999. I know. I know. We’re not supposed to be smart enough to remember that.

7. Why is it that the mere mention of 9/11 drives liberals to hysteria with the accusations of exploitation and politicization, but they have no problem exploiting and politicizing a natural disaster which was much worse?

8. Why is the liberal media quoting Barbara Bush, with no reference of context, but ignoring Jesse Jackson’s asinine comments? Is it because Mrs. Bush is far less likely to shake them down for cash?

9. Did any of you Katrina Chickens go to New Orleans to show the responders how it should have been done?

10. Exactly how much disaster response experience/training do you have?

11. While you’re blasting Mr. Brown’s credentials, where’s Mr. Witts degree in Emergency Management? As far as I know, he was only a county judge and a lord BJ crony who got appointed.

12. Do you stow the gear necessary to post any information of the good things that have happened the last several days, or are you just going to stick with the usual leftist hate and pessimism?

13. Why has the MSM abandoned Alabama and subsequently, Mississippi? Was there not enough “poor blacks” to exploit by playing the race and class cards? There was certainly more damage there.

14. Are you still planning on sticking to the lies that Bush started and steered the hurricane?

15. Are you still planning on sticking to the lie that all of the military is in Iraq?

16. Are you still planning on sticking to the lie that those sections of levees that broke were underfunded by Bush?

17. Are you still planning on sticking to the lie that Kyoto would have prevented all hurricanes?

18. And yes, there were hurricanes, many worse than Katrina before 19 January 2001.

19. Fill in the blank. It takes _____ (period of time) to organize a disaster response.

20. We’re supposed to ignore the failures of Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin, right? Well, if they had done what the state plan called for, we wouldn’t have had this problem, or at least not as bad, would we?

Oh, and why do you need pictures of the dead. Aren’t the numbers going to make you spooge enough? Surely you’re creaming your shorts more than the numbers out of Iraq for a change.
Or do you need the pictures for signs in some weak, Neo-Socialist protest later?

After that, I unsubscribed from his e-mail list. I have no desire to read vile, putrid crap like that. Here’s the e-mail I sent him to let him know.

Just to let you know that I removed your blog from my e-mail. The post The Cover-Up Begins was sickening to say the least. I still don’t understand the desire to politicize the disaster, but then I don’t understand how folks can take pleasure in their vile, seething hatred either.

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