“Cold Comfort” by Jay D. Dyson (09/10/2005)

Sacred Cow Burgers: The Butcher’s Commentary on “Cold Comfort” by Jay D. Dyson (09/10/2005)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if the Democrats and other Leftists channeled a mere fraction of the effort they expend bashing President Bush into efforts to help Katrina survivors, the rescue and recovery would be all but concluded by now. But let’s face it: the Leftists (as usual) care nothing about anything or anyone beyond their own self-centered political agenda.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but truth isn’t always kind.

Bloody hell, people! Our nation has seen an incredibly horrific disaster befall it. Even now, many of the bodies have yet to be buried and all the Democrats are howling about is their want to form another frickin’ Kangaroo Court to absolve themselves of responsibility and point fingers at our President.

…and to think that the Democrats practically gave birth to broken glass when they thought that Bush was “politicizing” the 9/11 attacks. What bloody hypocrisy!

Well, since none of the Leftists’ buck-passing and finger-pointing is providing any food, shelter or medical care to any survivor of Katrina, it looks like — once again — we “heartless conservatives” are going to be the ones picking up the slack and getting things done while the Democrats do nothing but bitch & moan about it.

Thanks for saying what we’re thinking, Jay!

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