A Raw Deal

“I’m gonna keep drinkin’ till I can’t move a toe and then maybe my heart won’t hurt me so.”
–Hank Williams

The post that I added last night was supposed to be longer. I wrote a lot and decided I didn’t want to use it. Then I decided that I didn’t want to delete what I wrote because there were some good points in it. So, I decided to post the raw, unedited version for your perusal. It wonders a bit, but stick with it.

On second thought, let me say this:

Isn’t it amazing the number of know-it-alls that exist out there especially on the left? Think about it. We have liberals out there who know all about disaster response and know exactly how to run a huge mass casualty incident, but they don’t bother to get off their ass to show how it should be done. They only bitch at the people who are trying to work through it. And yes, that includes some of the spineless folks on the right who decided to jump on the bandwagon too.

We’ve also seen that there are a lot of people around, especially on the left, who know how a war should be run but, of course, they can’t do a damn thing about it except sit in the mud and bitch. Gen. George B. McLellan was pretty good at thinking that he knew better on how to run an army than the president and the war department. Of course he was subsequently relieved of duty. He also failed to be elected president on the anti-war platform. The libs like to throw around the “Chickenhawk” slur. If they know how to run a war better, why don’t they enlist and show ’em how it’s done?

Now as far as 11 September goes, there’s a lot of ass clowns running around out there who presume to know more than fire scientists, structural engineers, chemical scientists etc. when it comes to explaining the collapse of the towers. That’s pretty sickening as far as I’m concerned. But, it’s those who won’t accept any answer that doesn’t put President George W. Bush in the pilot seat. It seems to me that the hate has eaten away at their brains, if they had any to begin with.
It’s interesting some of the crackpot theories that they have to explain 9/11. If you look at what they show you and listen to what they say, their explanations make less sense than the official explanations. To me, I think you’d stand a better chance proving the grassy knoll theory.

It fascinates me the number of “professionals” out there. It also fascinates me that we have people who have no problem bashing those who are working to help people or fix something. If you’re working hard on something at your job, would you want people standing around you telling you how much you or your boss sucks? Now throw in the fact that the job that you’re doing has lives on the line. Wouldn’t you, perhaps, rather have them help rather than bitch?

The primary goal of any police officer, firefighter, paramedic etc. is to get home at the end of the shift. Sorry but you, as the patient, victim etc. are not priority one. The reason is that it’s not going to do anybody a damn bit of good, and that includes you, if the responders aren’t prepared for the situation. It’s not going to do either one a damn bit of good if the responder gets hurt or killed either. It could have been worse if they had run into that school. My partner said that was their job. No, putting their lives on the line is not their job, but it’s an occupational hazard though.
Same with 9/11. I’ve not seen a response timeline, but I’m willing to bet that those firemen didn’t exactly rush in as soon as the trucks pulled up. They tried to get some sort of plan first. No good firefighter would have done it and no good officer would have told them to do it. Same goes for New Orleans. What good would it have done to rush in there without a plan? Oh, and one thing about FEMA, the way the response is set up, they don’t go into a disaster area for 1-3 days after the fact anyway. That’s not to say they aren’t doing anything.
Whenever something bad happens, people want help there yesterday. Just because you don’t see that police car, fire engine, ambulance, FEMA truck etc. doesn’t mean it ain’t coming. It may not be as fast as you like and yes, sometimes people die while waiting. It’s not fair, but it’s not fair to blame the whole system either

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