An E-mail To Rep. McKinney(D,GA)

Dear Rep. McKinney,

My name is Rob S. of the blog ThatGayConservative . I heard some audio of your speech during the Anti-American war protest over the weekend and I had some questions about some of the statements that I heard. I will be posting this e-mail and your response on my blog. Thank you.

First statement:

“Dead bodies lay strewn about the New Orleans Superdome.”

Rep. McKinney, according to the Times Picayune, there were only six and “Of those, four died of natural causes, one overdosed, and one jumped to his death in an apparent suicide” When you use the statement above, it makes one think that there were dead bodies all over the Superdome. I have to wonder how you chose your words for this part of your speech. Could you shed some light on this?


“Military recruiters blew into Houston’s Astrodome to reap the harvest.”

I wonder if you could explain what’s wrong with the government offering jobs to the refugees? Would you say the same of any companies that might have gone to the Astrodome to recruit people? Please don’t bring up exploitation. I don’t think anybody could exploit them any worse than your fellow “Democrats” and “Reverend” Jackson have.

“This cruel wind blew disenfranchisement into Florida and Ohio.”

I wonder if you could share any actual examples of “disenfranchisement” in Florida and Ohio. The only attempts to disenfranchise people that I’ve seen were conducted by “Democrats”.

“The American people have been forced to endure fraud in the elections of 2000 and 2004”

Again, I wonder if you can provide any actual examples of fraud in the elections of 2000 and 2004. I know they’ve been thoroughly investigated and I can’t seem to find any examples. I hope you can shed some light on this issue for us.

“…criminal neglect on September 11th…”

Ms. McKinney, I remember the details of 11 September quite well and have read much about it. I wonder if you could explain that statement as I know of none, except from the kook conspiracy theorists. I mean, is there any official information regarding this, or just Michael Moore’s word?


“…a war started on deliberately faked evidence.”

Again, I wonder if you would please show us any official evidence which shows this statement to be true. I’ll remind you that some of your associates in Congress were concerned about the imminent threat and WMDs from Sadam Hussein.
Once again, thank you for your time and we look forward to your answers.

Rob S.


P.S. As I understand it, the “protest” this weekend was supposed to be about the war in Iraq. However, from what I’ve seen, and based on the excerpts I’ve read from your speech, it appears that it was little more than a Bush bashing fest. Can you please provide any information, including the full text of your speech, which would prove me wrong?

Thank you again,

Rob S.

UPDATE: Well a day has gone by and no reply. Actually, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll give it about a week and see what happens. No, I won’t do a daily update to bore you either. After this update, I’ll either post the reply I get or just let it go.

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