Still At it.

Some libs are still pissed because they aren’t able to see the caskets of service members returning to Dover AFB. Haven’t seen anything about it in a while until I came across the following at The Way I See It blog:

The bigger cover-up, in my opinion, is the refusal of the Defense Department to allow cameras to greet our fallen soldiers when they arrive at Andrews and all other Military Bases!

And here’s my reply:

Why would you consider that a cover-up? Was it a cover-up when the Clinton administration did it?
Why do liberals feel they have to see dead bodies in the news? Why were Abu Ghraib photos splashed across the front page of the DNC Times for over a month? Why were the liberals screaming about not being able to see photos of bodies in New Orleans?

Does the liberal left have some sort of necrophiliac fetish? What is the left’s apparent obsession with death?

I can tell you that in Emergency Services, I’ve carried a lot of bodies. When I was working in the hospital, we’d close the curtains or doors to areas where patients died. We had a large cart with a frame and cover over it so that you couldn’t see the body or tell that there was a body on the cart.


Because there was such a thing as preserving one’s dignity. Even in death. In EMS, we did whatever we could to shield patients from on-lookers and any media for that same reason. I guess that’s not the “progressive” or “nuanced” thing to do, but based on the way I was trained and the way I was brought up, it’s the right thing to do. Also, I damn anyone who disagrees.

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