Another Waste Of Time & Money

So the hearings about the NSA wiretaps are starting tomorrow. I can save us an ass load of money right now by telling you the outcome.

They will find that nothing illegal was done and that Bush had the authority to listen in on Al-Qaeda terrorists. Arlen Specter (RINO, PA) and Leaky Leahy (Traitor, VT) will be made the biggest fools, followed by the DNC and their masters at and the Daily KOSsacks, however, as usual, they will be too fucking stupid to see themselves as the fools they are. Their elitist snobbery will shield them.

Just like the 9/11 and the Iraq WMD hearings though, the liberals will spin the findings to fit their agenda. With that in mind, the result will be a huge waste of time, money and resources. It’s going to be the same song, same verse.

Just out of curiosity, if we’re so fucking broke in this country, why the hell do we need nice, expensive investigations every time the president takes a shit???

Give us a fucking break, libs. You’ve been bitching about impeachment since day #1. If you sorry Ps OS haven’t gotten it by now, you ain’t gonna. If Bush were as bad as you say, he wouldn’t have been elected, let alone re-elected. The voters are smarter than you are, obviously.


Arlen Spectre, the committee chairman has announced on Meet the Depressed that he’s already made up his mind.

Does anybody really see this hearing as nothing more than campaigning?

Considering the lies of the liberals and the tit sucking sycophants in Big Media on this issue, who is it, again, that’s trying to use fear to get votes?

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