“You have advanced what I think is a radical legal theory here today,” Feinstein said. “The theory compels the conclusion that the president’s power to defend the nation is unchecked by law, that he acts alone and according to his own discretion, and that the Congress’ role, at best, is advisory.”

Sen. Diane Feinstein(D,CA) to A.G. Gonzales during NSA Surveilance hearing.

So the Constitution of the United States is “radical”??? WTF is that about? Since when has Congress had a role in how the President conducts a war?

Radical, DiFi?

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2 Comments on “Radical???”

  1. I once respected my state’s senior senator. But, her question is just plain silly. And just plain wrong. The president had vetted this program with lawyers, relied on decisions of federal courts, consulted with members of Congress, none of whom raised serious concerns. And his decision is supported by Cass Sunstein, one of the leading liberal constitutional scholars in the country.

    For her to say the president’s actions were “unchecked by law” is to indicate that she either has not studied the facts of the situation — or that they are irrelevant to her inquiry.

    Or perhaps her question suggests she fears a challenge in the Democratic primary this spring.

  2. What gets me is all these liberal “legal minds” who excused Clinton’s actual “domestic surveilance”, but criticize Bush’s Al-Qaeda surveilance.

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