So Anywho….

My mom had this pain in the upper, right quadrant of her chest. She went to the doctor who ordered X-rays and stuff.  They found out that she has gall stones and determined that she had a spot showing up on her left lung.

Needless to say, she was a bit upset over that development. She called me at work the other day to tell me and was trying not to cry. I think I was trying harder not to cry. I didn’t know what to say or do. I offered to come home, but (putting me first, I think) she told me to just finish out my shift and she would talk to me later. I wanted to at least come home and be with her, if for nothing else, offer moral support.

She was to have a CT today to find out what exactly it was, but she called and finagled an appointment for Wednesday morning. She finally got a call from the doctor’s office yesterday to tell her that the spot was a pneumoniacocal something-or-other. I was asleep when she called and don’t remember exactly what she said. I just know that it wasn’t cancerous or anything.

I was relieved, I know she was relieved and TGCpartner was extremely relieved. I was worried, but tried to keep it on a positive note until we knew what it was. I think my partner was more worried. Mom had already had breast CA and neither of us fancied having to deal with it again.

So it all worked out. The worst is that mom will probably have to have her gall bladder removed. Comparatively speaking, all is pretty well, gracias a Dios.


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One Comment on “So Anywho….”

  1. I know how you must feel. Nine years ago, I learned my Mom had breast cancer; she had a mastectomy, but eight years later was hiking with her grandchildren on her 70th birthday and is still going strong!

    I’m glad that it turned out okay for you — and I’m sure your concern helped your Mom at this difficult time.

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