Found this little gem while scouring the net:

Letter: Playing politics with people’s lives

Friday, February 10, 2006

Many reasons have been given as to why President Bush attacked Iraq – WMD, al Queda, the attempted assassination of father, oil, democratization. Let me propose what I believe to be the overriding reason – politics!
    9/11 provided the perfect cover for attacking Iraq. This was “the” political issue that propelled President Bush to a second term. As we know, after 9/11 the country rallied around Mr. Bush who, as any president would have done, attacked al Queda’s base of operations – Afghanistan. The victory however, was too short-lived and easy.
    Our “War President” and Karl Rove knew they needed a much bigger fish to fry! Attacking Iraq kept the war on terrorism on the front pages, maintained President Bush’s popularity and made it virtually impossible for the Democrats or the press to challenge such a “courageous, bold” president defending us from further attacks. It worked! It was a brilliant political strategy. In 2004, President Bush won re-election because of his bold attack on Iraq and his strong rhetoric on the War on Terror.
    Unfortunately, for President Bush and Karl Rove, many Iraqis and foreign fighters didn’t cooperate and the president had, as we now know, no plan for post-Saddam Iraq! Iraq got President Bush re-elected, but in the end it may be the downfall of his administration. Strange how playing politics with people’s lives will almost always provide you with “unintended consequences” of the worst kind – your lost credibility and humanity!
    John Lampert
    Quincy Street


Hey John! A few questions for you:

1. How about the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998 which directs the POTUS to remove Hussein from power? Wasn’t that a good enough reason? How about all the warnings we got from the libs about how Hussein was an “imminent threat”?

2. How about how the liberals have been playing politics with people’s lives for the past 5 years, most recently with the PATRIOT Act? How about their disinterest in the REAL leak of sensitive government information to the press?

Will this stuff provide the liberals with “unintended consequences” too? And what exactly are these “unintended consequences”? More libel and slander from liberals?

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