It Has Begun!

Who does this remind you of? 

Originally uploaded by ThatGayConservative.

(And it will probably look sorta like Mortal Kombat before it’s over). “Fatality!”

Anywho, it looks like the campaign season has begun. I got a letter the other day from a group of folks who are throwing a reception to get to know Sen. Rod Smith(D) who’s running for Governor of Florida.

Well that sounds nice. Says here it’s going to be held at the Cleveland Heights Country Club and that the maximum donation is $500 dollars. So does this mean I can wear my U.S. flag T-shirt and blue jeans with my $5 cover?

His website says: He has proven time and again that Democrats can win back moderate and independent voters who have come to feel alienated from our party — without compromising Democratic values.

But a few lines down, it says that he supports the death penalty. So much for that value. Although, to be fair, it says that he’s pro-choice (so am I. I choose life). I guess that would appeal to “moderates”.

Guess I’ll just have to RSVP with a request to take my name off the list.

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