Paul Hackett

Iraq veteran abandons campaign for Senate   

So the guy that the libs orgasmed over because he “almost won” in a local election last year, has given up. Apparently he’s been cut off at the knees by Reid and Pelosi. Yawn.


You’ll remember this guy that tried as hard as he could to hide the fact that he was a liberal to appear as a “moderate” to garner more votes.


Originally uploaded by ThatGayConservative.


UPDATE: Oops. I said Pelosi instead of Chucky “Protecitng your privacy by committing ID theft” Schumer.

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2 Comments on “Paul Hackett”

  1. Wickedpinto Says:

    You need more comments, You do a good job.

    And he wasn’t a liberal, in my opinion, he was an opportunist, just like wes clark.

  2. Democrat, liberal not a whole hell of a lot of difference anymore.

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