PMSNBC.com has this story:

Cheney’s response a concern to GOP

The truth is, it seems that it’s more a concern to the hysterical liberal media. Here’s some excerpts:


Vice President Cheney’s slow and unapologetic public response to the accidental shooting of a 78-year-old Texas lawyer is turning the quail-hunting mishap into a political liability for the Bush administration and is prompting senior White House officials to press Cheney to publicly address the issue as early as today, several prominent Republicans said yesterday.

WTF?? Unapologetic? Who was hurt here? Who does Cheney need to apologize to besides Whittington? I wasn’t there. I wasn’t hurt. I don’t feel I deserve an apology. And who are these “prominent Republicans” that PMSNBC suddenly gives a damn about?

The Republicans said Cheney should have immediately disclosed the shooting Saturday night to avoid even the suggestion of a coverup and should have offered a public apology for his role in accidentally shooting Harry Whittington, a GOP lawyer from Austin.

The only people “suggesting a cover up” are the mindless liberal ass clowns who don’t matter. Again, why does Cheney need to apologize to us?


“I cannot believe he does not look back and say this should have been handled differently,” said Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota who is close to the White House. Weber said Cheney “made it a much bigger issue than it needed to be.”

Sorry? Did he just say that CHENEY “made it a much bigger issue than it needed to be”?

Marlin Fitzwater, a former Republican White House spokesman, told Editor & Publisher magazine that Cheney “ignored his responsibility to the American people.”

I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time finding anything about the duties of the VP to tell the American people about every move he makes.

The episode is turning into a defining moment for Cheney,

Sounds to me like some Republicans are allowing the liberal MSM to turn it into a “defining moment for Cheney”.

No evidence has emerged to suggest that the shooting was anything more than a hunting accident,

But, of course, that won’t stop the liberal media from suggesting that it was anything more.

You know, I don’t see any reason why Cheney should have to say anything more or make a public apology. Some might say well, you don’t know how politics works. You’re not “nuanced” like the rest of us. And I say thank God for that. I may not know that much about politics, but I know how people should be and about decency and dignity. He’s already handled the issue, probably better than any of us would have. The White House cardiologist is overseeing Mr. Whittington’s care, for crying out loud. The medical staff for the VP treated Mr. Whittington and I would venture to guess that Cheney has already apologized to him and, I’m willing to bet, is picking up the tab on this deal. It’s not up to the VP to tell us anything or to parade in front of the liberal media fucktards and make a public apology. This is nothing more than folks puffing themselves up to be more than what they are, i.e. the liberal media.

Long story short: Cheney doesn’t “owe” us JACK. Not an explanation, not an apology, not even a soundbite. The only person that he “owes” anything to is Mr. Worthington, and as far as I’ve seen, he’s done that and more.


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2 Comments on “WHAT????”

  1. Wickedpinto Says:

    Whats the bet that once whittington is released from medical observation, and hopefuly takes the time to step out in public and say to the media “you are a bunch of fucktard assclowns, my friend dick cheney shot _me_ I’m fine” that he is completely ignored by the press? It would be nice to see a 78 year old man who just got shot in the face calling the White House Press “corps” to task.

  2. It would be nice. Better yet, I’d like to see him kick David Gregory square in the nuts.

    But that’s just me.

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