House candidate admits former work as prostitute

Associated Press

DALLAS — A Dallas Democrat seeking election to the Texas House of Representatives has acknowledged that he once worked as a prostitute.

Tom Malin, a salesman and actor, said he no longer works as a prostitute but conceded that his previous life could cost him the nomination in the March 7 Democratic primary.

“I’ve made mistakes in my life, and I’ve stood before my creator and I’ve accepted responsibility for my behavior,” Malin told The Dallas Morning News for its editions today.

“I’ve also accepted his grace and his redemption and his love and his forgiveness,” and that’s what is important, he said.

Archived versions of Web sites that are now defunct advertise the services of a male escort identified as Todd Sharpe. The phone number listed with Sharpe belongs to Malin, The Morning News reported.

Malin, who once was a member of the Dallas Citizens Police Review Board, has also worked as a Mary Kay salesman and performed in Dallas-area theater productions. His candidate Web page describes him as a managing director for the marketing arm of a Dallas electricity provider.

Malin faces retired salesman Jack Borden in the Democratic primary. The winner will face incumbent Republican Dan Branch in November in a race to represent a district covering much of central Dallas.

On his candidate Web page, Malin said he is “committed to giving our families a voice in Austin, with a focus on education, the economy, and restoring a ‘spirit of ethics’ to our State House.”

He said Thursday that he would stay in the race.

“I don’t regret my past, nor do I wish to shut the door on my past,” he said. “I think anyone who has made mistakes in their lives can be a viable member of community and society.”

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Wait, he says that he doesn’t want to shut the door on his past? Does that mean he might be inclined to do it again?


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9 Comments on “Interesting”

  1. Howard Says:

    Hello again Mr. Gay Conservative,

    Remember me? From Bear To The Right? You dropped into a post on Mrs. King’s funeral, blessed us with your pithy, but utterly vapid reply, then disappeared. Is that your MO?

    First, a reply to this post: I guess this means Dems and Reps are equally represented in the category of prostitution as past career choices. Remember that so-called journalist who somehow “acquired” a White House press pass? A some-time call boy as I recall. At least he’s honest about taking it up the ass.

    Now, about the “gutless liberals” who have no class because they take advantage of the president at a civil rights icon’s funeral. If you followed the posts on BTTR, you read that I said that liberals have no monopoly on classless behavior, and cited as an example of right-wing tackiness one Rev. Dobson who likes to send his minions to the funerals of people who die of AIDS related diseases and carry signs that say the deceased is going to hell. Do you condone this behavior at funerals?

    Come out, come out, Mr. Gay Conservative. Why are you hiding?

    Howard (who has been out longer than you have been alive)

  2. Wickedpinto Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Lets hope this starts a blogwar with BTTR, then The Gay Coonservative might get some some more flow.

    First to the post. I think “big deal” but I can understand the outrage, but I think everyone should think to themselves, and look upon themselves before they judge this CANDIDATE! (note that howard, he was a candidate, not a reporter) I mean who hasn’t experimented with being an actor or a salesman? I remember once, as a young man, I once experimented with acting, playing the role of. . .(I’m so ashamed) a psychologist, while I was in highschool. Just because this individual took longer to learn his lesson is no reason to hate him.

    However, HOWARD, he was a candidate, and if the state Dem Party is so stupid that they can’t dig up that their candidate was once an active participant in a criminal behaviour, criminal as in actual crime, not the crime of being a stereotype, then this story should focus on the state party leadership, not on the buffoon who thought he found one more way to use his experience in a functional way. After all, with a resume’ of “whore, salesman and actor” what is more whorish, fantastical and decietful as being a politician?

  3. Howard Says:


    Ah, if buffoonery were limited only to candidates! Note right back to you: The REPORTER wasn’t even a reporter! He was a pretend reporter. Make that an ACTOR!

    But I do grant your point about political parties. They should vet their candidates more carefully. For instance, they should make certain that everyone knows how to spell POTATO. Or are you too young to remember the difficulties that Bushes have with Quayles? Then there was the case of the VP who mouthed Pat Buchanan’s words (“Nattering nabbobs of negativism”). Remember him? He resigned his office (how criminal of him!) just in the nick of time.

    Dems (and liberals) have no monoploy of stupidity.


    PS. What is this obsession with anonymity? Who are you Mr/Ms Wickedpointo?

  4. Wickedpinto Says:

    I never said they did howard, I said you were comparing potatoes to potato’s. Thank you for mentioning your irrational hate of republicans for a silly situation. My spelling sucks ass, but My argument put you in the downhill crouch.

  5. Hiding?

    No. Actually, my Blogger ID is on display. Can’t help you if you can’t see it. That was the first time I’d been to that blog and I’ve forgotten about it.

    Dr. Dobson does not send his minions to the funerals of people who die of AIDS related diseases and carry signs that say the deceased is going to hell. That would be the Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist church in Topeka, KS. and he is, in fact, a registered Democrat.

    Do I condone that behavior? No, I don’t. It should also be noted that his followers don’t (to my knowledge) disrupt the service with their crap. However, liberals who crash funerals to get votes and pander to the blacks.

    Further, I stand by my comment that liberals are gutless. Becoming a liberal is the easiest, most gutless thing you can do. You don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to think. The DNC does it all for you.

    BTW, Jeff Gannon got a daily press pass to the White House press meetings. That was a little fact the liberal media chose to leave out. Also, as I understand it, he’s a columnist for the Washington Blade.

    Now, back to the subject of my post, did I indicate anywhere that I had a problem with him running for office? No, I didn’t, but being the partisan hack that you apparently are, you just swung right into attack mode. That’s another thing about liberals. They can’t argue ideas or points, only attack.

    P.S. I went back to Bear To The Right and saw where you chastised someone for “changing the subject” just like you did above.

    Good night Howard. Better stick with the KOSsacks who will encourage you instead of proving you wrong.

  6. Howard Says:

    Rev. Phelps, thank you. I stand corrected. That he is a registerd Democrat means what, exactly? That he’s a liberal?

    My point remains that you and other conservatives should take care to accuse anyone of bad behavior at funerals. There’s plenty of that to go around.

    My larger point, which started the chain of posts on BTTR, is that Republicans should be glad that American presidents do not have to face members of the opposition in direct questioning the way the British PM does on a regular basis. Because of this quirk in our system of govt, Americans are reduced to taking potshots at the president at funerals. Because there is no other opportunity. And that is regrettable.

    That is neither a liberal or conservative POV. It just makes sense; it would be a good thing for this country. I happen to believe that among modern presidents (say since WWII), Dems have probably been better able to think on their feet and be more articulate, and would therefore probably handle with greater skill such a regular questioning from the opposition. But we’ll never know, since American presidents are isolated and choose the hour of their meetings with the press.

    Regardless of your accusation, I am not a liberal. I’m not a conservative like you or Gary Aminoff (BTTR host), but I’m not a liberal. I enjoy visiting Gary’s blog because we can talk to one another.

    You seem to be intelligent, articulate, someone with convictions. That’s a good combination. I look forward to returning.


    PS. I checked out your profile. You’re 27 and live in Florida. I didn’t see a name. Did I miss something?

  7. Let’s see….trying to think of a Republican equivalent of the Wellstone “memorial” and pep rally……no. Can’t think of any.

    BTW, I’m 32 and my name is Rob. That’s all you (or anybody else) need to know as far as my name.

  8. Howard Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Nice to make your acquaintance. I remember the Wellstone memorial. Rather over the top, I admit.

    Just remember something: the Dems are now in a panic. They’ve lost three straight Presidential elections (some will say only two, but they’re sore losers), and they’re wandering in the wilderness. Casting about for a new message. You should understand that. The Reps wandered for decades until Barry Goldwater came along and got the conservative movement fired up. I think it’s good for Dems, they’re stuck in New Deal/Great Society hell. Ultimately, it’s good for everyone when a previously dominate party falls on its face. This happened to Labour in the UK when Thatcher came along. Now the Tories are wandering. Today’s Republicans are in danger of the same fate if they can’t get past this lobbying scandal.

    I tend to vote Democratic or Libertarian, rarely Republican. I’m vehemently anti-ideology. I prefer pragmatic solutions, sometime conservative, sometimes liberal, but the guiding principle is always the same: will it work? Which means the Ted Kennedys of the world annoy me as much as the Dick Cheneys. I’m an equal-opportunity distruster of extremists.

    In a wonderful essay last December in the WSJ, on the subject of American Conservatism, Jeffrey Hart, a professor at Dartmouth, and author of a book called “The American Conservative Mind Today,” said this:

    “The Conservative Mind, most of the time, has shown a healthy resistance to utopianism and its various informing ideologies. IDEOLOGY IS ALWAYS WRONG BECAUSE IT EDITS REALITY AND PARALYZES THOUGHT.” (emphasis mine)

    Now there’s a thinker I can respect, and I don’t care what his political stripes are.

    I did my undergraduate work in Tampa many years ago. I have friends in Orlando, who happen to be active in local Dem politics. But they’re really okay people. It’s a small world, Rob. Perhaps we’ll meet one day.


  9. Wickedpinto Says:

    I think howies looking for a date.

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