Joined iTunes Tonight,

So I guess I’ve joined the rest of the world. No, I don’t have an iPod. I do, however have a Sansa M240. I decided to go with something easy and economical before I dove into a fancy Mp3 play with video and all that.

Another thing is that I don’t think I listen to enough music to justify a Terrabyte Mp3 player that will do everything but cook me dinner.

So what does TGC have on his player? I’ve seen news articles titled What’s on ____’s iPod, and I thought I’d do my own. So far, this is what’s on mine:

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz

Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex

Clubbed To Death – Rob Dougan

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Capt. Picard at McDonald’s – via Dr. Demento Show

I’m Gonna Miss Her – Brad Paisley

Plus I have the most recent installment of the Rush Limbaugh Podcast. I’m about to add:

America, Fuck Yeah – Team America

Flood – Jars of Clay

Italian Leather Sofa – Cake

It’s All Been Done – Barenaked Ladies

So far, that’s all I have. I’ve got a $25 pre-paid card for iTunes that I look forward to using. No telling what I’ll get.

I do like the fact that you can get books on iTunes, though the books that I’ve looked at are more than I want to spend with my $25 limit.



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4 Comments on “Joined iTunes Tonight,”

  1. Howard Says:

    You might consider signing up with LinkShare. It’s an affiliate marketing company. Online retailers look at your site (in this case a blog) and they’ll let you post links to their sites (iTunes, for examaple, almost always lets people use their link). When someone clicks on the link and buys something, you get a small commission. If YOU click on the link and buy a book on tape, for example, it’s like getting a discount from iTunes just for hosting the link on TGC.

    BTW, it’s free to sign up.

  2. TGC Says:



  3. They ask for a SSN.



    And then there’s this report from the BBB.

  4. AGJ Says:

    They want my SSN? Oh I don’t think so…

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