“Mush Mon!”

While watching the Olympics the other day, TGCpartner inquired as to whether or not Jamaica still had the bobsled team. I told him I didn’t think so and that I thought it was a one time deal and a mildly funny Disney movie

I recently found out via the e-Coconut Telegraph that Jimmy Buffett’s Margarittaville is sponsoring the Jamaican Dogsled Team.

Here’s the excerpt from that e-mail:

By now you probably know that Margaritaville is sponsoring the first-ever Jamaican Dog Sled team. Lest you think it was nothing more than a half-baked, cocktail-inspired idea, we wanted to let you know how the team is doing.

In January, the team traveled to Aviemore, Scotland to compete in the Aviemore Sled Dog Rally. Musher Devon Anderson led the four-dog Margaritaville team to a 27th place finish amongst the 40 finalists. The total field included over 80 competitors.

The accomplishment is more remarkable when you consider that until the rally, Anderson had never seen snow.


I guess that’s pretty decent, all things considered.

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2 Comments on ““Mush Mon!””

  1. Didn’t Jimmy Buffet write some new songs for a new movie–and one that may or may not have to do with dogsledding?

  2. To my knowledge, there’s only one movie with any dog sledding in it. That movie is 8 Below, which according to the IMDB, doesn’t seem to credit Buffett for anything.

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