I’m going to be out of pocket for the next day or so. My mom’s having surgery tomorrow and I’ll be spending time away from the desk. It has to do with gall stones. I’m not sure if they’re going to remove the stones or her gal bladder. Either way, I won’t be posting much.

I’ll try to at least update the Project list though.




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6 Comments on “O.K.”

  1. Sending you and your Mom my best and prayers for a successful surgery.

  2. Thanks luv!

    “Snoochie Boochies!”

  3. Howard Says:

    My best thoughts for your mom, Rob. And you too.

  4. Wickedpinto Says:

    Never met ya’alls moms, but I can imagine, and in fact know a great many things about the NEED to be near her as often as possible.

    Most important, I hope YOU, are well, and I hope your Partner is there, and I hope that if anything happens to your mother, you are prepared.

    TGC? You are my favorite fag.

    Dan? I say this here only cuz I want you to have an instigation to expand your contact with TGC. Your Fagdom is WEEK!


    You have Colorado making excuses for the friggen MILITARY!

    HOW ABOUT YOU, and Colorado, and others PUSH their STRAIGHT friends to say that hating homosexuals is STUPID!!!!

    I Use course language, as TGC, but I mean a good thing, so don’t give me a PC BS argument.

    While I was in the Marine Corps, I would ROUTINELY say to anyone who would make “gay” jokes, that “I would prefer a fag than a woman, I KNOW a man could care about me, rather than hope I cared about him”

    Yeah, I said fag, did you read dan? and Yes I’m straight. and yes, breeder men, breeder bitches, and fags are different, don’t say you aren’t. I use that word to test those around me, as much as I mean to test me.

    Words? are words.

  5. Wickedpinto Says:

    Yeah, I know, don’t know why was in a pitch a bitch tizzy TGC. I was riled up about something else, figured I would go a little rickles with it.

    Sorry Dan.

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