Pardon Me,

But isn’t this a picture of Bob Hoskins rather than George Micheal?,,2-2006090410,00.html

(I wasn’t able to copy the picture over).

HT: Drudge

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3 Comments on “Pardon Me,”

  1. Wickedpinto Says:

    I almost can’t believe that is George Michael. He looks like, a specific character actor who’s name I can’t recall. George is WAY too pretty to look like that. specially since he’s only 9 years older than you, and 12 years older than me, that is WAY too much grey!!

    I don’t think George would allow it. Also, isn’t George an avid runner? I think this might be a mistaken identy photo, or an incorrect photo of someone NAMED george michael, for THE george michael, I don’t see ANYTHING of GM in that pic.

  2. Wickedpinto Says:

    I just compared, GM has greenish grey eyes, these are black eyes. Either GM is a GROTESQUE drunk, or the pictures are. I don’t know, I don’t believe that pick is GM.

  3. BTW, WP, do you have a blog, website, e-mail or anything like that?
    You can e-mail it to me if you prefer not to advertise.

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