Port Snort

I haven’t posted anything on the Port Snort because I’ve been looking into it. As far as I can tell, there’s no real reason to oppose it. Here’s a few points that I have or have come across:

  • I haven’t seen anything regarding the fact that Air Emirates still flies to the United States with no obvious opposition. Seems to me that if the port deal were blocked, they could still fly in bombs, terrorists or even fly their aircraft into buildings.
  • Dubai Ports World is a multinational corporation. Their COO is an American and they have Americans, Indians, Brits, and Austrailians in senior positions.
  • According to Ted Bilkey (sp?), DP World COO, the government doesn’t have anything to do with their operations.
  • The libs want us to believe that we don’t have any enemies, save George W. Bush. Why is the UAE suddenly the enemy?
  • It’s a campaign year. The left wants to pretend that they give a damn about the country and the Republicans want to show their liberal/independant voters that they don’t always agree with Bush.
  • Isn’t it interesting that nobody, in Washington anyway, is trying to stop the deal?
  • Would you spend $7 Billion on something and then turn around and blow it up?
  • The security factor is NOT going to be controlled by the UAE.
  • While I’m sure DPW could employ whomever they wanted, do you really think the unions would allow it? Hell, the UAE would be somebody else they could hold hostage for more cash.
  • Seems to me that if it’s alright for lord BJ to sell them 60 F-16 fighter jets, we could allow them to run stevedoring operations.
  • What exactly does the Big Media mean when they say that DPW will control “operations”? Why won’t they tell anybody what that means? Isn’t it because they would have nothing to bitch about if people knew what it meant?
  • There’s no Bush “cover-up”.  Hint to the lib kooks: If it’s reported in the news 4 months ago, there’s no “cover-up”.
  • Congress desperately wants to have a say in the matter of a business deal, but do they have that power?
  • “Why isn’t there an American company to run the ports?” Good question. Why aren’t there any? Maybe because they decided to invest their money elsewhere? Maybe they took a cue from Hong Kong and didn’t want to be held hostage by the unions? Personally, I like they idea of Halliburton running the ports. I don’t think they’re able to, but then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if they could.
  • “American ports should be run by Americans only”. O.k. Fine. Find us some Americans who are willing to do so and put up the cash and I’m sure P&O would be willing to work something out. Additionally, do you think we should kick out a major company like Maersk Sealand i.e. Denmark?
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2 Comments on “Port Snort”

  1. Tom Says:

    Good points. Other than ‘They’re Arabs.’ the opposition has no argument.

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