Libs Are Funny!

So I come across this website selling liberal T-shirts (and no, I will not link to it). They have this one which says

“The North Shall Rise”.

The description:


Southern rednecks have held too much power for too long, and it’s time we took our country back. Their side LOST the Civil War, didn’t they? Let’s start acting like it.

Sooooo….that includes Clinton, Carter and Johnson, right? The last “Democrat” president from “up north” was John F. Kennedy.

You’ll recall that the liberal kooks liked to say “Fuck the South” after their blistering 2004 defeat. I always said

 “Fine. We’ll take our oil, ports, military bases, medicine, technology, internet hubs, rail, agriculture, tourism etc. and see how you get along.”

 Of course being living in Florida, I won’t miss the snowbirds who tend to drive slower than a slug trail with their left turn signal on. Of course there’s no way you could keep the New York carpetbaggers from Miami and “West Pawlm”. 

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