Dude, Don’t Care!

Rush’s Morning Update 14 March 2006

A wide swath of the Heartland is devastated. Violent tornados and heavy downpours swept across the Midwest, wreaking death and destruction. Rain, hail, and fierce winds tore through homes and trees; power was lost from Kansas to Indiana. Schools were shut in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Oklahoma and Arkansas were also hit. The mayor of Springfield, Illinois said that “every square inch” of his town was affected. Seventy-mile-per-hour winds hit Chicago suburbs; floods followed. In Missouri, hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged. Where is FEMA? What has taken them so long to reach the victims? How many people are trapped (we don’t know!)— without food or water — with rapists and murderers preying on the elderly and the young? Why aren’t networks and cable reporters doing wall-to-wall reports, crying with the victims, blasting the slow federal response? Where is Oprah? Why isn’t Sean Penn roaming around Missouri with his shotgun? We’ve known for years that tornados could hit; we know global warming has made them stronger. So why were we so unprepared? Will the victims have to resort to shooting at helicopters to get their $2,000 federal credit cards? The National Guard is deployed in Iraq — so who will stop the looters? Did anybody see the tornados? Why are there no pictures? There are credible eyewitness reports that these events were actually caused by explosions — a plot by Bush to get rid of Democrat voters in time for the elections! One thing is obvious. President Bush doesn’t care about white people! He just doesn’t care!

Brilliant! Where’s all the liberal hurricane chickens who sat out the aftermath of Katrina on their fat, white, plantation owning asses and pontificated profusely about how it should have been done?

Where’s the so-called “Conservative media” who was so busy to place the blame on Bush that they couldn’t tell a single solitary truth about Katrina?

Were the governors of these states sending e-mails to Washington “Democrats” to run defense for them to blame Bush at all costs instead of helping the people of their states?

Or do we have some states here with Republican governors who, like Mississppi, Florida, etc. know how to get off their whiney asses to get stuff done? Are there leaders in these states  who actually give more of a damn about their citizens than who they can blame?

One thing’s clear to me, however, and that is that the people would much rather have a county judge who gained Emergency Management experience as an appointee of his friend lord BJ (somehow that doesn’t meet the definition of crony), and wait at least 3 weeks for FEMA to show up. Better yet, they can wait for a few days after that for the president to show up.

Goes to show that if you have a “D” after your name, you can show up whenever you damn well please, whereas an “R” means you must predict the future and be there before it happens to single-handedly do the job that the local liberal can’t be bothered to do and to hell with the law.


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4 Comments on “Dude, Don’t Care!”

  1. Howard Says:

    Poor Rush. Everybody knows this is what happens to guys who do drugs.

  2. Hey Howard!

    Way to stick to the subject.

  3. Howard Says:

    Anytime, Rob. Glad you noticed.

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