Our buddy Howard says this regarding recent polls:

Typical, Rob. You don’t like the results of national polls, so you blame the newspapers that conducted them. That’s the definition of an idealogue: someone who edits reality to fit his worldview. You’re not just a member of the Flat Earth Society. You’re the president.

Well sir, I don’t like the results of polls like the one CBS foisted on America because it’s an outright LIE. When you ask more “Democrats” than Republicans and then weigh the poll towards “Democrats” and independents, that’s bullshit pure and simple. Secondly,  they totally mischaracterized the NSA surveillance program as “domestic spying” (the liberal lie) rather than foreign surveillance.

Furthermore, nobody at CBS, the so-called “conservative media” or on the liberal left gives a damn that they foisted a lie on the American people. Nobody gives a damn about the lack of professionalism, irrispnsibility or the lack of accuracy. NONE. And THAT, my friend, is the definition of ideologue.


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12 Comments on “BULLSHIT!”

  1. Howard Says:

    We can exchange barbs and (for one of us) cuss words galore about whose polls mean what and to whom. All of that is froth.

    The issue at hand is this: since his second inauguration, George W. Bush has lost the support of the American people. Poll after poll after poll, from every conceiveable source–left, right, Dem, Repub–agree. But all you can do, Rob, is scream like chicken little that the sky is falling and it’s the liberals’ fault. Get over it. It’s a broken record and it’s boring.

    (Here for example is what conservative commentator George Will said today in his op-ed piece: “At this moment, one of the most dangerous since World War II, America’s perils are exacerbated by the travails of a president indiscriminately despised by Democrats and increasingly disregarded by Republicans.”)

    Name one so-called liberal media outlet that reaches as many people as your man Rush (20 million listeners according to Nielson). You said yourself that Fox (the self-proclaimed mouthpiece of the right) has higher ratings than the other networks. Even if you took the combined circulations of the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times (the leading liberal voices in print) and any other liberal or Dem leaning newspaper, they wouldn’t touch Rush’s audience. And he’s just the most well-known conservative voice. There’s the WSJ, the 700 Club and others. I’ve read the number of conservative radio talk shows exceeds 1500 across the US. How many liberal ones are there? One, the Al Franken thing.

    Okay, so what about other print media? The Nation magazine? About 200K. American Prospect? 75K. Even the Daily Kos reaches only about 1M bloggers.

    Americans who self-identify their political leanings break down something like this: 20% liberal, 40-50% moderate, 30% conservative. Those numbers have remained steady for about 30 years.

    So where is this big liberal conspiracy? It’s in the imaginations of the right wing. But I give you guys a lot of credit. You’ve suceeded in painting Dems, especially liberal Dems, into a corner. You’ve screamed liberals! liberals! liberals! often enough, loudly enough and endlessly that the fiction became real.

    That, Rob, is a classic example of the ends justifying the means. That’s what an idealogue does. You should know. You’re an expert.

  2. Al Franken?

    You casually left out

    Nancy Skinner

    Ray Taliaferro
    “Air America Mornings: The Mark Riley Show”
    Tom Joyner
    “The Bill Press Show” with Bill Press and Christy Harvey
    Joe Madison
    “Air America Mornings: The Rachel Maddow Show”
    “The Pro-Show” with Lee Rayburn and Jim Dick
    “American AM”
    Lizz Brown
    “Democracy Now!” with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez
    Jay Marvin
    Lynn Cullen
    “Springer On the Radio” with Jerry Springer
    Stephanie Miller
    Stacy Taylor
    Thom Hartmann on KPOJ 620 AM
    Alex Bennett
    Neil Rogers
    Meria Heller
    Al Franken
    Thom Hartmann on Air America Syndication
    Madison’s Mid-Day Maverick, “Sly”
    “Your Call” hosted by Mary Ambrose and Rebecca Roberts
    Lynn Samuels
    “Keeping It Real” with Rev. Al Sharpton
    Michelangelo Signorile
    Guy James
    Ed Schultz
    “Drivetime Dialogue” with Sam Greenfield
    Randi Rhodes
    Radio Left
    “The Bottom Line” with Leon Gray
    Duke Skorich
    Christine Craft
    Peter B. Collins
    “The Young Turks” with Cenk Uygur and Ben Mankiewicz
    “The Inside Scoop” with Mark Levine
    “ENID LIVE” with Enid Goldstein
    “The Majority Report” with Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder
    “Head On Radio” with Bob Kincaid
    “Counterpoint” with Scott Harris
    “The Other Side” with Glenn Urbach and Staci “The Doctor” Davis
    Mike Malloy
    Alan Colmes
    Mike Webb
    Marc Maron
    Doug Basham
    Bernie Ward


    Mark Biero

    The Lionel Show

  3. Not only that, but you left out the networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN etc. You mentioned only a few papers without any mention of the rest. As far as the WSJ is concerned, only the Op-Ed section is conservative.

  4. Howard Says:

    My goodness, Rob. Youd didn’t swear once. I’m flattered.

  5. Howard Says:

    By the way, your list doesn’t come close to beating Rush’s 20 million listeners, or the 1500 other conservative talk radio shows (a figure that comes from the Heritage Foundation).

    I don’t buy your entire list either. NPR and the networks aren’t liberal just because you say they are. That’s the standard line from conservatives, and others have let them get away with it. I won’t. Just because you say it’s liberal doesn’t make it so. And just because you don’t like the reporting or that it isn’t from a conservative POV doesn’t by default make it liberal. But again, that’s the conservative mantra. You’ve beat that drum over and over and now people believe it.

    America as a country is growing more conservative, as evidenced by the geographic shift of the population to the south and the west. Liberals have always been a small segment, but had a big voice, and a broad coalition to back it up. That demographic has splintered.

    As a conservative, you should be pleased. As a gay man, you should be concerned.

  6. GayCowboyBob Says:

    I agree with Howard. I’ve never ever heard of anyone on your first list except for Alan Colmes and we all know he’s not allowed to speak unless he raises his hand and asks Mr. Hannity nicely.

    And NPR is not a liberal outlet. I think you’d frankly be hard pressed to extract a distinct bent from the organization conservative or liberal actually. What they do, which is unfortunately the exception to so many other news organizations is simply report facts.

  7. NPR and the networks aren’t liberal just because you say they are.

    How about if NPR’s Jeffrey Dvorkin says they are? Oh yeah. They also reach ove 22 million people.

    You guys have to do better at your “poor ‘ol us” routine.

    Good day, sirs.

  8. Howard Says:

    If Jeffrey Dvorkin, NPR’s ombudsman, says that, I’d like to read his exact words and the article in which they appeard. Don’t give me quotes out of context. Give me the article or the link to it.

    Your numbers still don’t add up, Rob. NPR’s audience is about 3 million. The other networks’ COMBINED audience may reach the numbers you say, but that’s far different than the total audience Rush reaches all by himself with his single-minded conservative message.

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. No good. But nice try.

  9. Howard Says:

    What a scathing retort.

  10. How about this:

    You spooge yourself over fabricated polls showing that everybody hates Bush and everybody hates the war and yet nobody cares enough to protest. Hell, the college kids couldn’t care enough to peel themselves off the bathroom floor in Panama City or Cancuun to oppose it.

    The liberals are full of shit, as usual, and I’m not impressed.

    How’s that for a retort?

    Good day sir.

  11. Howard Says:

    That’s the Rob I know and love.

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