Found Headline…

On the net:

FOX Neanderthals Upset That Sexy Susan Sarandon Will Play Cindy Sheehan in Upcoming Movie

And no, I will not provide a link.

This is funny. I haven’t seen what they’re talking about as I haven’t watched ANY news in months. However, I think it’s safe to say that most intelligent folks would say “bring it on”. My guess is that since the term “Sexy Susan Sarandon”  is used in the title of the article, the rest is an equal lie. Hell, Chris Sarandon is sexier than that flea bitten varmint. Also, a comment about sagging faces and sagging tits comes to mind, but I’ll leave it at that.

Hey! What the hell. Where else can a miserable failure with not even a remotely good credit since the Rocky Horror Picture Show play a miserable failure of the leftist media than in Hollywood? Another way of looking at it is a Neo-socialist will be playing a Neo-socialist financed by the Socialist and Communist groups of the world. No huge surprise there.

While liberals piss and moan about how jobs are being exported to other countries, I’m sure they won’t have a problem making most of this disaster in Canada. Maybe they can even get Hezbollah to plug the movie in the ME. The “Revernnnnnd” Jacksonnnnn and that little bitch Hugo Chavez can reserve copies for their personal spank banks. My sense is that the liberals will, no doubt, carry on like anybody gives a damn about this movie.

Then comes the Oscars. I think it goes without saying that nobody with at least half a brain cell gives a damn about the Oscars. Therefore this POS will, of course, win the Oscar for all categories from Best Movie all the way down to best Dump Taken in a Porta-John on Set. There’s no doubt in my mind that no matter how the movie turns out, how many people saw it or how much money it makes, it will come out a winner by the venerable Academy that supposedly gives two shits about what America wants to watch. I know I want to escape life by going to see a movie about some washed-up Valley girl sitting in a ditch during a central Texas summer all the while exploiting her son’s death for fun and profit. Yessiree-Bob. That’s how I want to spend 2 hours of my life.

Hey! GoFrit. A huge fabrication of the biggest media fabrication in recent memory will be just the thing to pull Hollywood out of the shit hole it’s in now.


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