Just found a cool game I want for my Xbox. Blazing Angels by Ubisoft.

Evidently, you can play RAF, USAAF, Luftwaffe, & JAF over London, Paris, Dunkirk, Midway, Pearl Harbor, Berlin, Rabaul and Normandy.

I love WWII planes and get choked up seeing them and watching them fly. Remember the scene in Empire of the Sun  when the P-51 Mustangs straffe the POW camp and Jim starts cheering the pilots? That’s me, well on the inside anyway, even at age 32.

Some of my favorite games have been Battlehawks 1942, a Battle of Britain game (which I think was Lucas Arts too), and a B-17 Flying Fortress game. They’re all old school and I wish I could still play them.

Of course I would give anything to be able to fly in one of those planes.


If you love to see them fly too, check out the Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force).




BTW, I also found a new Churchill quote which I’ve never seen before and I think it fits these days too:

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”  – Sir Winston Churchill


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2 Comments on “AAARGH, AAARGH, AAARGH!”

  1. wickedpinto Says:

    I got turned on by flight sim, the original, and later, a sim that my uncle had ( a pilot, and a softeware tech with IBM since the mid 70’s) that was about flight control. I loved the sims that just had me “fly” on the computer, then I got EVERY SINGLE one of the “aces” series. “Aces over europe” “aces over the pacific” etc. The physics engines were easily manipulated, but still, GREAT, and fun sim’s.

  2. Have you tried VATsim online?

    I was interested in becoming a ATC, but it was way too much reading and too technical. I just wanted to jump in.

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