Bush Lied???

Seems to me, with all these documents coming to light, that it's actually the liberal left who's been lying all along. No surprises there since they've been falling all over themselves trying to prove that Bush is the only enemy we have.

 But, of course, I've been saying all along that it's the libs who're lying. While they've been busy spooging all over themselves over the fact that the WMDs weren't in Iraq, none could have been bothered to ask where they went. Nah. That would be piss in their Bush bashing Cheerios.

Oh, and it turns out that their spooge-fest that UBL & Hussein would never have anything to do with each other is a lie too. Go figure. Those of us with any interest in the truth knew better. Those who wanted to pretend to know the truth…well…wound up looking like the ass clowns they are.

Another lie the left heaped on the fire.Why the hell am I supposed to vote for them again?

As a gay man, I'm expected to vote straight-ticket "Democrat" (I missed that rule in my Gay orientation but found out later), and yet I still can't find any reason to vote for these miserable failures.


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5 Comments on “Bush Lied???”

  1. Howard Says:


    Where did the missing WMDs go? What he had, he destroyed in compliance with the inspection regime’s requirements. This is a matter of public record. He didn’t have nuclear WMDs, which Hans Blix’s team stated in the run-up to the war, and which was revealed after the invasion. As far as anyone can tell, he NEVER had any nuclear WMDs. That was Saddam’s great bluff to keep his (internal as well as external) enemies off balance, which we also learned after the invasion.

    Now, did President Bush lie? I’m not in the liberal’s camp on this one, Rob. But I do believe that Bush manipulated the facts to fit his policy goals (and he’s not the first president do to THAT). It’s also a matter of public record that the Bush team, even before taking office, wanted to oust Saddam, and made plans to do that. This has been reported in many places, including, but not limited to, Woodward’s books on Bush, and Richard Clark’s “Against All Enemies.”

    As to the relationship between OBL and Saddam, even President Bush has stated that there isn’t one. He’s on record. He’s also stated that Saddam has no connection to 9/11. I listened to the press conference myself and heard him say these words. (What the general public believes is another matter.)

    As a gay man myself, I can’t point to ANYONE on the national scene, left, right or center, who gets my allegiance. There is no one who stands out. And the left certainly hasn’t earned an automatic vote on anything related to the GLBT community.

    But I’ll say it again, Rob: the Dems have historically been more supportive than the Repubs, especially the religious Repubs. You know this. And since there’s no viable third party, it’s either the Dems or sit on the sidelines. I don’t like to sit on the sidelines, so that leaves the Dems.

    If you have a better idea, please share it with the class.

  2. It’s also a matter of public record that the Bush team, even before taking office, wanted to oust Saddam, and made plans to do that.

    Anybody with an ounce of sense would have had plans for dealing with Saddam. I think I recall reading something about the Gore team having plans to do it. If I didn’t, I’d be willing to bet they had something in mind. After all, the POTUS was directed in 1998 by Congress to remove him from power.

    As far as the gay deal, sorry to disappoint but there are far more important things than that. I’m not about to chuck away what I believe in and vote for the nearest liberal ass clown just because I’m gay. Sorry, but that’s how I roll.

  3. Howard Says:

    Okay, fair enough. But you didn’t really address the issue, which is, in which party does the GLBT community invest its energies and money and hopes? The Dems are no panacea, I grant you. But are you suggesting that we turn to the Republicans?

    I’d really be interesting in hearing your case for the GOP.

  4. in which party does the GLBT community invest its energies and money and hopes?

    There are more important issues than being gay. I don’t think candidates should be selected based on whether or not they like gay people, which is apparently the predominate measure, among the GLBT, of a candidate. When I’m in the voting booth, I don’t wonder if they like me or not. Frankly, I don’t care. Who likes you might have mattered when you voted for class president, but to be honest, it don’t matter a damn in the world of grown ups.

    In which party does the GLBT community invest its energies etc.?

    First of all, I reject any suggestion that a GLBT “community” exists. Secondly, if there were, why does everybody have to vote the same? Third, you know the answer. Folks should vote for whomever they think will better serve their interests and concerns and not for whomever makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  5. Howard Says:

    I completely understand and respect your viewpoint, Rob. And you’re absolutely right, the GLBT community isn’t monolithic; it has never spoken with one voice. In that regard, we’re like Democrats. What’s the old joke?: “I’m not a member of an orgaized political party. I’m a Democrat.” Same thing goes for GLBT community.

    Although I think you’d agree that the bigger organizations among GLBTers tend to be liberal (HRC, GLAAD, etc).

    Still, when people want to affect change, it always makes sense to band together and form a bloc, or in today’s reality, a PAC. Many of the existing laws in gays’ favor (domestic partnership laws in the handful of states that offer them; anti-discrimination laws that protect jobs, housing, access to services) tend to have been enacted with the support of Democrats, and, admitedly, a few liberal-minded Republicans.

    I’m not going to try to change your mind on this one, Rob. I understand your position. Just keep an open mind, that’s all.

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