Either Way, The Northeast Blows.

Forecasts: Northeast Due for Big Hurricane

Why does the wind blow so hard in the South?

Because the North sucks.

My question is this:

Will the governors in the NE swallow their elitist pride and ask Jeb or Barbour how to deal with the storms, or will they rely on the failures of Gov. Kathleen "I should have asked for the military sooner" Blankcheck?

I suspect they'll sit in the mud and whine, piss and moan for government gimmes like Sen. Landrieu.
HT: Drudge

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One Comment on “Either Way, The Northeast Blows.”

  1. wickedpinto Says:

    It’s okay to be stranded in the NE by every other kind of storm, no reason for competaence. Chicago didn’t need fema in 98 during the midwest blizzard. Why is the south exclusive? OH! thats right, cuz the Dem’s haven’t won a southern state in forever in a national election.

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