“Baghdad Jim” McDermott (D, Hussein) Spanked in Court

From the ASSociated Press:Congressman Loses Appeal in Phone Taping

So apparently, a raving lib ass clown like “Baghdad Jim” McDermott (D, Hussein) can’t violate the Constitution and leak private phone conversations to the DNC Times. It appears that the Constitution applies to Republicans too <Gasp!> Whodathunkit?Meanwhile, President Bush is still not allowed to monitor phone calls from al-Qaeda to the U.S. nor connect any dots that might prevent a future attack.

We should be hearing censure demands from Puss Feingold by now. Any moment now. Waiting….Waiting…Any moment.

Anywho, here’s some of my favorite excerpts from the article:

Lawyers for 18 news organizations – including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Associated Press, The New York Times and The Washington Post – filed a brief backing McDermott.

Well imagine that. The liberal media is sticking up for “Baghdad Jim” in the matter. I wonder, would the liberal media go so far to help a Republican president in protecting our national security. Nah. They could give two shits about that.

A spokesman for McDermott said Tuesday the congressman had just received the ruling and was studying it.

What’s to study? You fucked up! You thought you were above the law and that everybody would gleefully suck your cock in the matter because you’re an elitist liberal. YOU’RE the one who didn’t think that the law applied to you because, by God, you had Republicans “lying” on tape. Nevermind how you got it, you smug, arrogant prick.

Look, grow up. Let your balls decend and admit that you're wrong. We know you won't really be punished for it. So you'll be out a few thousand dollars. Who cares? You'll phone up some of your buds and have it paid off in no time with no record to boot. Hell, surely you have some cash from Uncle Sugar Saddam laying around gathering dust.

Look, this is no biggie. You can go right back to your job of being an arrogant, elitist, liberal douchebag in no time. Why, this sort of thing looks great on a liberal Senator's resume, after all. Just please stop pissing all over the law.

Tell me again, who demonstrates a "culture of corruption"?


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