An Agenda!

Brilliant. However, I would change the exclamation point to a question mark. To suggest that the libs have something someone calls an “agenda” is, at the very least, laughable.

And despite the lack of an agenda, I’m supposed to grab my ankles and vote for them. Yeah. Right.

You terrorists out there listening and watching this, watch out! The Democratic Party is coming after you; they have a new agenda. New York’s other senator, Chuckie Schumer, said that his party will “take back the security issue.” If they win Congress, Democrats say they are going to catch Osama bin Laden. Yeah, the bin Laden that Bill Clinton let slip through his fingers (two or three times). Democrats say they are going to increase the number of spies, double the number of troops in Special Forces, and be real “tough and “smart,” says their senate leader “Dingy” Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic house leader, said they are going to be “strong” and “smart;” she forgot to say “tough.” Yes, my friends; Democrats are going to get Osama. Really? Look at their track record. They’ll stop spying on terrorists phoning into America, for starters. And even though Dingy Harry claimed that Democrats killed the Patriot Act, it passed. Give them a chance, elect them, and they’ll really kill it next time. Democrats want to cut and run from terrorists in Iraq — Pelosi backed John Murtha’s call for immediate withdrawal because they think we lost the war. And believe this! Democrats will make sure that enemy combatants — terrorists — have their legal “rights” protected with the Al-Qaeda Bill of Rights, and that our interrogators won’t treat them badly. (Like making them stay awake to answer questions.) Oh, and Democrats will vote for funding our troops… before they vote against it. And if you doubt their commitment, consider this. The day they announced their security agenda, Democrat Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney slugged a Capitol Police officer who asked her for some identification. Yeah. Democrats will take back security — back to the stone ages…if you’re dumb enough to ever give them a chance to regain power.

Rush’s Morning Update

Pardon me, but wasn’t it the libs who forbade the CIA from using spies and sources?

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4 Comments on “An Agenda!”

  1. jay lassiter Says:

    I read this and i wonder who has a smaller penis….
    you or rush.

  2. Let's see. How to take this from a N.J. lib…..

    Well, I'm just gonna say that either way, it's a hell of a lot bigger than the cunts running around pretending that they give a damn about national security have ever seen.
    You can say "tougher" and "smarter" all you want, but when you NEVER demonstrate that or show any inclination of it, nobody's going to buy it and look at you as nothing more than a braggart.

    BTW, enjoy your Corzine induced oblivion.

  3. wickedpinto Says:

    nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

    thats what I got from this post, so I guess, jay has. . . . . . nothing,

  4. With that kind of comment, it makes me wonder who's more likely to have a dick at all. "Him" or the army men he likes to play with.

    I'm betting on the latter.

    Jeezus! Is there anything libs won't exploit?

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