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To the question on ProgressiveU:

Is the Bush Adminstration Deliberately Trying to Thrawt the Reconstruction New Orleans? (How Policies are Murdering New Orleans)

Isn't that the same ACORN

Submitted by ThatGayConservative on Wed, 04/05/2006 – 2:19am.

Isn't that the same ACORN that was caught registering voters 2 and 3 times? I'm sure they found plenty of folks who want to return.

So what's your answer? Sounds like you want the federal government to throw a couple of billion down there and let the people have at it. I'll remind you that throwing money to the neosocialist government was part of the problem to begin with. Oooh! I know, Bush could cut a check to Landrieu for the (what was it, $250 million?) pork?

BTW, there's also little known stories like how Blanco spent over $500,000 to refurbish government offices, offices the public won't ever see, even after ordering a freeze on such work. Imagine that.

Also, I noticed that you didn't mention the little known fact that illegal immigrants are working in New Orleans. Apparently, they're doing jobs that New Orleans refuse to do.

Oh yeah. Check out this story that nobody touched:

Almost seven months after Hurricane Katrina, the Nagin administration still dickers over details of a contract that would gradually rid the cityscape of these vehicular eyesores — at a cost of $23 million over another six months.

Which makes it of more than passing interest to discover that the largest car crusher east of the Rockies, K&L Auto Crushers of Tyler, Texas, offered in October to do the job in 15 weeks and actually pay the city for the privilege of hauling the junk away. How much? How about $100 per flooded car. With an estimated 50,000 vehicles on the street at that time, the city would have netted $5 million, rather than shelling out four times that sum, as it plans to do now….

Nonetheless, the bottom line still looks like a million dollar profit compared to a $23 million payout.

Like my great-uncle (from Alexandria, LA) used to say "I tell you one damn thing!" I'd be hard pressed to throw money at a clown who operates like that.

I'm sure with the neosocialist notion that making money is evil and spending OPM is what's best, it's no wonder nobody's in a hurry to throw wads of money down there.

Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't repeated the comment of that U.N. ass clown who claimed that the U.S. is "stingy".

Tell you what, you mentioned the money spent on Iraq. What say we take the cash that we throw at the rest of the world for food, medicine, AIDS etc. and spend it in New Orleans? How does that grab you? Think Bono would go for that? It strikes me that liberals whine about spending money on the military instead of on the country. How about we quit spending relief cash on other countries instead?

Last thing before I go:

Ever notice that noboy's asking: What's the Constitutional role in the Gulf Coast for Uncle Sugar?

Given that many cities have suffered worse disasters and rebuilt on their own, without much help from Uncle Sugar, why can't New Orleans do the same?

Since we've already seen waste of the initial $60-something million in emergency allocation, what's the motivation for throwing out more?

The government has just allocated $250 million for "counseling and legal services." After 9/11, the federal government authorized tens of millions of dollars for "counseling" to traumatized families of the victims. A Republican Study Committee audit discovered that millions went for "peace" and "diversity" workshops, a "yearlong celebration of trees, gardens and other healing places," theater workshops, anger-management classes and multiculturalism programs to discuss "who we are and why we are here." (Isn't that what churches are for?)

New Orleans survived Major General Benjamin "Spoons" Butler, it will survive Katrina.

BTW, I don't see any liberals in Congress rushing to forfeit their pork projects either.

Long story short, in answer to your original question, it seems to me that the entitlement mentality is deliberately trying to thwart the reconstruction of New Orleans and not the Bush administration.

O.k. One final thought:
Isn't it interesting that gulf coast states with Republican governors are able to deal with hurricanes but Louisiana, with it's neosocialists in charge fall to pieces? Their initial reaction was to send e-mails to Washington libs to start the "blame Bush" ball rolling instead of helping their citizens.
Think they'll ask Barbour or Jeb for pointers on how to deal with storms in the future?

A little rambling, I know, but my points are still there.

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