Popping My Brokeback Cherry

So I got a copy of Brokeback Mountain tonight on a trip to Wally World. I guess I'll watch it this morning, even though I wanted to wait and see it with TGCpartner.

BTW, Wasn't there a kerfuffle (there you go, James) the other day because Wal Mart wasn't selling it?


I thought it was a good movie. Very good story. I think I ought to read the book though. For example, I wonder why Jack was beaten. Did he hit on someone or was it a mugging? I dunno.

Ennis' accent. Sounded like maybe his speech coach had aphasia with a chaw of tobacco on top of it, but I eventually got over that.

I have to wonder why they were herding sheep instead of cattle. Maybe the book explains it.

I liked the makeup showing the age progression. It was better in Driving Miss Daisy of course.

Stemming the rose? That's funny. I gotta write that one down and use it whenever possible. 😉

Did it ever get warm in that movie? Snow in August. They were always wearing jackets or coats.

That's all I have for now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it later.

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5 Comments on “Popping My Brokeback Cherry”

  1. wickedpinto Says:

    Where is my damn update?

  2. Yeah sorry.

    I was busy establishing an ass groove on a new sofa I got Friday.

  3. wickedpinto Says:

    No sweat. I’m in the air if I wanna see it. Don’t relate to the gay thing, and it seems like there are a lot of contrivances in the story to split the diff between a gay and hetero audience. I think I will, but I’m not gonna be knocking anyone down on the way back from the store to see it, though It’s nice to know it isn’t a throat scorcher trying to shove homesexuality down the throat.

    I think the only flick I’ve seen that did a very good job of it was “three of hearts” you actually witness the progression, but the billing for “brokeback” feels a little to throat ramming if you know what I mean?

  4. Lilo Says:

    *I was blogroll hoping when I found myself here, you may need to tell some people to up date, they still link the old site*

    I haven’t seen the movie. I might have been more interested in seeing it, but I don’t care for the actors. They don’t seem manly enough to be cowboys. And, between us, they don’t seem manly enough to be gay either. They just seem boyish and not manly. Even when they look older- they still remind me of young boys playing dress up. I just can’t buy into the actors really playing the part. Maybe it’s just me. It could be just me.

  5. The thing is, WP, it was a very good love story albeit with guys.

    I thought they were both pretty manly. Their occasional horseplay might have been boyish, but guys do that sometimes. I thought Jake Gyllenhaal looked a little like Clint Black.

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