Am I The Only One….

Who said "oh shit!" when Sen. "Chappaquiddick" Ted declared that the ILLEGAL immigration dealy is the new Civil Rights movement?

Seems to me that blacks and Hispanics are now going to get into a deathmatch to see who can be the biggest whores of the American left and who can garner the biggest status of victim. Cynthia McKinney could lead the assault of victimhood with her "cell phone of power".

Has the shit hit the fan (oh hell yeah! And Uncle Ted flung it)? Will the Hispanics become the favorite whore du'jour  of the DNC? Will both sides continue to let themselves be fucked over by the DNC and the Commie/Neo socialist left? How do you ask for Astroglide in Spanish?

 Will Batman exclaim "screw this! Let them fight amongst themselves!"? Stay tuned. Maybe a different Bat time, Same Bat Channel!

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