Burned Out?

I hope not.

I'm taking a bit of time off from the whole blogging thing. I spent a few months reading and blogging during my free time. Now I find myself watching more TV and doing things around the house that I've neglected.

Lately I haven't been feeling the urge to blog like I used to. I'm not even visiting my regular haunts either. The lack of comments from visitors isn't very inspiring either.

Well, I guess maybe I just need to take a short break. If you want, please feel free to drop me a line at TGCBlog-at-Gmail.com

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One Comment on “Burned Out?”

  1. A. Says:


    So glad to find your blog!
    I identify with a lot of the issues that gay conservatives face, even though I am only a fiscal/military conservative. I’m in other issues, a *moderate* (I do not oppose gay marriage, gay adoption, or abortion). I’ve been struggling for some time with coming out; the problem? 1. I’m female. 2. I strongly support Israel, and am not against the war. 3. I think Bush is doing a good job.

    Imagine my surprise at discovering that lesbianism was a political party that I could not in any conscience join. Just being attracted to women, and wanting a female life partner, apparently, doesn’t make me a lesbian.

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