Requiem For a QP

My first and favorite Quaker Parrot, Paca, died today at the age of 5 of an apparent stroke. I was trying desperately to find a vet available on Sundays, after recognizing that something was wrong, when she fell off the cage. She died in my hands.

I doubt that there was anything that could have been done, but I can't help a slight nagging feeling that she needed me and I couldn't help. She was a tough bird who had been lost for 6 weeks before. She had suffered a broken wing and a leg broken in two places. The vet said she would never really recover. She proved him wrong. She had also survived an accident where mom accidentally stepped on her. I thought she would die that way, but she shook it off and was back to normal within a few hours.

I don't really know what happened today. My best guess is that she had a stroke. Unfortunately, I don't think she passed without some pain, but it was somewhat quick.

Goodbye Paca. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you get your fill of your favorite pumpkin seeds. Take care and fly free.

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2 Comments on “Requiem For a QP”

  1. God sees all of his creation – his eyes are even on the sparrows – so I’m sure Paca will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

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