“Bush Invaded Iraq To Steal Their Oil!!!”

Me: Yeah? So, any day now, the libs are gonna demand that Bush release that oil so the price of gas will come down, right?

Libs: <crickets chirping>

Me: Thought so.

So why should I vote for your merry band of tea baggers again????

No. Seriously. Why should I believe that the liberals, all of a sudden, give a damn about high gas prices since that's what they've been demanding for years?

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3 Comments on ““Bush Invaded Iraq To Steal Their Oil!!!””

  1. arcticchick Says:

    Hey, TGC! Lost my bookmarks and finally found your blog again. Glad to see you’re keeping it up.

    Will bookmark this and come back to read when I have more time…have a great weekend!

  2. That’s good to hear.
    I’m still not back up to where I was. Getting stuck watching Star Trek TNG, Saved By The Bell and Military Channel at night instead.

    Just to keep things interesting, I may be going back to Blogspot. I can’t decide.

  3. wickedpinto Says:

    Krauthammer said before we invaded, that if we wanted to disabuse the middle east, and if our foreign policy was about oil, instead of the basic security of America, and the human rights of other peoples, then we would just buy oil.

    Buy oil, and fund despotic regimes that are willing to threaten the US, and threaten their neighbors destroy their own people.

    The libs said we went to war for oil, and when there isn’t war, it’s about money. They have a preset list of things that are responsible for oppression, and ironicly, they are all the same things that are necessary for America to be the great power we are. The goal isn’t to oppose the actual subject of the matter, like war, or proffit or the environment, the purpose of their protests are to oppose america, and to blame the means as an evil, ie war, proffit and using the things in nature to better mankind. What they oppose are the things that make america great, and thereby they oppose america.

    Also, watched brokeback, it was a very good movie. The sex scenes were not really that disconcerting, since I knew what I was getting into, but the handspit thing was, just a touch . . . too real for my hetero sensibilities. Did you notice that the top was overly stereotypicaly male, and the bottom was . . . not feminized, he was clearly manly, but the bottom was the doting father, the discreet husband, and the member of the relationship that was pushing for an edenesque resolution?

    It almost felt like they were trying to create a new stereotype that I know isn’t true. almost like “bottoms make good wives, and tops aren’t trustworthy.”


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