This Oughta Be Good

Can't wait to see his variations on the standard excuses. Of course his whole thread is predictable.

From ProgressiveU:

Conservative students rebel against "The Man"

 Submitted by Art on Tue, 02/01/2005 – 9:09pm.

I now understand how conservatives have taken over America. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages gives some clues. Here's the premise of the article: conservative students have a tough time when they get to college. First, they probably didn't get into the college they wanted to, because some minority or econonomically disadvantaged kid stole their spot. So they settle for Princeton instead of Harvard. Then, they arrive on campus, only to find that all of their professors are flaming liberals. They need to be very careful what they say or write in class — if they express any conservative viewpoints they are likely to be ridiculed by their professors, or perhaps even given failing grade. Most downtrodden conservatives force themselves to bite their tongues. They cannot speak their mind in their campus newspapers for fear that they will be ostracized, or denied membership in the most exclusive social clubs. But these days, according to the WSJ, some gutsy conservative students are fighting back against "the Man." No longer content to sit at the back of the collegiate bus, they are demanding that their viewpoints be heard, organizing protests, bringing conservative speakers to campus, making sure that conservative professors are not discriminated against. Hogwash. Here's what really happened: conservatives realized that they can no longer afford to be seen as elitists. By creating the impression that they are fighting against the oppression of the entrenched liberal authorities, they can think of themselves as populist freedom fighters. How brilliantly clever! For years, conservative fathers sent their well-groomed conservative sons and daughters off to university, only to see their kids turn into idealistic, liberal, do-gooders after a couple of rebelious college years. Now, young Johnny can rebel against authority with the same righteous fervor of a 1960s civil rights activist and still make his daddy proud by toeing the party line. And it's not just rich kids that are falling for this. On campuses all over conservative groups are convincing students that they are a persecuted minority. In future posts I will give some other examples of how conservatives are creatively luring students into their trap, and what we can do to stop them.

Stop them? Oh-ho-ho! I can hardly wait.

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5 Comments on “This Oughta Be Good”

  1. arcticchick Says:

    Oh, for Pete’s sake! I just read an editorial in US News & World Report about how all colleges are turning back to being totally elitist because of the expense.

    As a moderate conservative who works at a not-very-liberal campus, I can tell you this man is full of it. Conservative bias is alive and thriving at colleges all across the country. I wish I could bitchslap morons like this. No – wait – I think I’d rather deliver a well-placed roundhouse right upside the head. Pompus ass.

    Hi, TGC! :O) What do you have to say about Patrick Kennedy’s little fender-bender? Guess that apple didn’t fall far at all, did it? And STILL no sign of accepting responsibility – of course, that’s not the liberal way, is it?

  2. wickedpinto Says:

    I don’t blog, I just comment, so I have the priveledge of not giving one good god damn about my grammar. I don’t require that my opinion matters so I just type what I’m thinking at the moment, and leave it be, taking my lumps when I’m stupid(common), and being startled when I get a random recognition (rare, very rare, openly gay mullah in Iran Rare) so I can be somewhat hypocritical with this.

    DUDE! ProgressiveU dude? You are the genius of collegiate socio-pathology, can’t you figure out just TWO, JUST TWO linguistic tools? ENTER, and TAB! Paragraphs are useful, it lets people read your post without thinking you are a highschool valley girl, using “and like” as if it were punctuation. Please? Retard? Go to an english class and oppose the man by making posts that aren’t completely unreadable, as well as retarded. One thing at a time.

  3. TGC Says:

    Well to be fair, WP, I did a copy & paste and the indentions and what not didn’t carry over nor did I bother to correct the problem.

    However, that still doesn’t excuse the stupidity of his content.

  4. wickedpinto Says:


  5. arcticchick Says:

    Um, since we’re nitpicking…..the “E” in “English” should have been capitalized. Have a nice day.

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