On Patrick Kennedy.

ArcticChick says:

Hi, TGC! :O) What do you have to say about Patrick Kennedy’s little fender-bender? Guess that apple didn’t fall far at all, did it? And STILL no sign of accepting responsibility – of course, that’s not the liberal way, is it?

Well, I admit that I've sorta been out of the loop a bit this week. My supervisor was fired and somebody has to take up the slack.

I didn't hear about the accident until today and only heard a news brief about the fact that he is going (back?) into rehab. On one hand, I think it's good that he's going into rehab. I think that shows responsibility, unless his attorney told him to do it against his will, but I don't know. Of course if he winds up as a Robert Downey Jr. type where going to rehab is pointless, then I would not be impressed.

My main concern is whether or not the liberals assail him, as they did with Rush, and demand that he be prosecuted fully. I haven't read any postings or articles, but given the liberal's typical hypocrisy, I doubt that they have the balls to do it. Hell, we know that a Kennedy can commit manslaughter and nobody will give a damn. We're supposed to pitty Kennedys, not persecute them.

Now that I think on it, IMPO, this will be a resume enhancement given liberal's propensity for rewarding failures and criminals. I think they've found a candidate to run against Bush in '08. I predict that not only will he be catapulted to hero status, some liberal ass clown(s) will call for, and perhaps petition him, to run. This will probably take place shortly after he gets out and nobody else gives a damn about him any more. Then again, the push may begin by early next week, if not by Monday.

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3 Comments on “On Patrick Kennedy.”

  1. wickedpinto Says:

    Here is how I see it.

    I drank and drove, prolly for the like. . .3rd time in my life, after being away for more than 2 days while on leave, and being a stupid kid, I took a stupid chance, and I made a stupid mistake, and I hit a car.

    I went to jail for a day, I was released LITERALY 3 hours before I had to board my flight to get back to base. I was covered in bruises, and I had to hide the nature of the accident or I would have been given a special court-martial. So with bruised ribs, ugly markings on my face neck chest, and thighs (thats something they leave out of the whole “economic car” thing, is that if you are tall? and get into a car accident? the only thing that keeps you from being castrated is your thighs, hear that prious drivers?) I returned in time for the trial, which cost me 3K for the 20 minutes of lawyership I hiered, and I spent 2 weeks paying off my 80 hours of community service, I then had to check in each month, I had to pay another 250 to re-instate my liscence, and I had to go through the whole routine all over again like a 16 year old 6 months later, which cost about another 150.

    I walked everywhere for 6 months, I took a bus to work for about 4 months, found a friend who would give me a ride later. I had to maintain an SR 22 for 5 years, I wasn’t allowed to even HAVE an insurance policy with certain insurance companies, so if it weren’t for high interest insureres, I wouldn’t even have been allowed to drive, or own a car.

    I was 22.
    Kennedy is 38.

    I don’t see the justice. I would have been happy to have the state pay for “addiction counseling” (don’t get it wrong, the fed is paying for his treatment) and have all things forgiven, but I didn’t.

    I was given a bad credit statement because I couldn’t pay my monthly’s until I payed the owed amount, so I was behind for about a year. I wasn’t able to move more than 5 miles at a time, unless the bus schedule suited my schedule (and it never does) and I have to yell and argue about every credit, and insurance manipulation of my rates. Because at 22, and as a relatively impoverished individual, I can be walked on, unless I bitch, and fight, and am willing to spend more than I lose on a lawyer.

    But Kennedy, can just say his name in a Mass, DC, RI court, and be acquitted? THAT is the point of this story, and the left just doesn’t get it.

    I’m not making excuses for my failures, I screwed up, and I payed for 5 and 7 years because of it, what is the price that kennedy will pay?

  2. None.
    Libs don’t have a clue what accountability means. To them, folks have to genuflect and beg forgiveness for their cars being in his way.

  3. arcticchick Says:

    What would the reaction have been from the left had this been a Republican who’s DUI handled this way? Can you just imagine? Somewhere, somehow, this will all be Bush’s fault…..

    wickedpinto – Holy crap, man – I’m glad you survived and I’m assuming everyone else did, too? I had to laugh when I read your comment about “htats something they leave out of the whole “economic car” thing, is that if you are tall? and get into a car accident? the only thing that keeps you from being castrated is your thighs, hear that prious drivers?” I drive an F350 Crew Cab (mainly because I haul my horses) but I’ve always wondered about the logic involved in trying to get Americans to drive smaller cars. I keep hearing over and over that, in an accident between an SUV (or large truck) and a small car, the SUV driver has the best chance of walking away. And I’m supposed to get rid of my big truck why, exactly?? So I can be the one to die? They’re going to have to do a hell of a lot better than that!!

    TGC – The Kennedy’s are continuing their “fine” tradition of elitist bull shit. They are exempt from laws….they’re KENNEDY’S. What a load of crap.

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