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3 Comments on “kennedys_elixir”

  1. Shawmut Says:

    L’il Patrick wants his recovery to be ‘Oh So Smooth also. The idea that he might get a grip on something other than his ‘church-key’ and medicine chest; namely himself, and do what millions, and I’m one, have done. He could haul his ass to one of those meetings that are held in church basements and listen to people who thought they, too, were so unique. He might even learn that the Capitol Police, his coddling staff, and his family have only been enablers to a bitter low.
    He might even find that he is not the only scion of a family that was spawned by a criminally venal libertiine.
    He might learn to apply and cherish a sense of values that he’s been told don’t apply to him.
    Until then, remember this brat won’t stop. And from the whole Democratic Party of the State of Rhode Island not one voice, not one, is raised.

  2. wickedpinto Says:

    I’ve seen that in the mirror, but where is his fucking mugshot?
    I got a mugshot.
    wheres his?

    RUSH got a mugshot, where’s his.
    DELAY got a mugshot wheres his?
    OH! he’s a kennedy? so I should shut up and vote for him?
    Thank god I’m not in his district, the fucking pissant.

    note: I’m not a violent person.

    but if I see ANY kennedy drunk, I will insult John F, until they throw a punch, and then I will beat the living shit out of any kennedy who dares face me.

    I’m not as fit as I was, but I’m every bit as mean. specially when it comes to drunk kennedies who get away with manslaughter, and near vehicular manslaughter.

    BTW, who was the “woman” in the car that could corroborate his story? this isn’t a rape shield thing, her name should be broadcast. like all 49 members of the lacrosse team.

  3. arcticchick Says:

    wickedpinto –

    No shit about the mug shot!! Excellent point.

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