I’m Jealous!

There. I've said it.

While I have to stay home and go to work, TGCPartner is getting to spend this week on holiday in Atlantis. He's staying with his brother and a cousin who has a timeshare dealy. Ya know, one of those deals where you have a week in a different locale every year?

Anywho, I'd love to be on holiday and have dreamed of spending time in the Carribean. I would also offer up physical appendages to get to spend a week at Atlantis. Plus, It sucks that we won't even get to talk to each other for a full week.


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3 Comments on “I’m Jealous!”

  1. arcticchick Says:

    Awww, tgc – can’t say that I blame you. The Carribean does sound rather lovely. I can’t complain much – I only have 3.5 more days left on contract this school year….YAY!! But don’t be jealous – I’m not going anywhere but possibly Anchorage. Whoohoo. ;O)

  2. Wouldn’t mind visiting Alaska either.
    I keep trying to convince him, but he believes that it would be too cold. He’s from Laredo and just about starts shivering if it gets below 75 degrees.

  3. arcticchick Says:

    LOL Come in June or July. Central Alaska, where I live, gets into the mid-80s very regularly. Besides, you guys would love it – it’s so beautiful. LOL Let’s face it – I don’t live here for the weather!! ;O)

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