Rep. Putnam (R,FL) Responds

To my last post:

Dear Mr. S:

Thank you for your recent correspondence in opposition to the Putnam-Capps amendment to restore the Congressional moratorium on natural gas drilling off the coast of Florida. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

For the past several months, my colleagues in the Florida delegation and I have been working with the Resources Committee to devise a compromise plan that allows for responsible natural gas exploration in which the coastal States have a voice. The Interior Appropriations bill under consideration, however, would have allowed for drilling as close as three miles off the Atlantic Coast and 9 miles off the Gulf Coast, regardless of the laws of the states involved. By a vote of 217 to 203, the House voted to adopt my amendment and strip this provision from the bill.

 Congress should – and it will – consider all options to increase our nation’s energy supply. Those options will include discussions of drilling off the Outer Continental Shelf, and I will continue to work with Chairman Pombo of the Resources Committee to produce a reasonable, workable compromise.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your views. If you are interested in legislation that is pending before Congress, are experiencing difficulties with federal programs or simply wish to express your views, please visit my website at

May God continue to bless America. Sincerely, Adam Putnam Member of Congress

Well that's great and all. The laws of the states should be respected. However, my sense is that so far, we're maintaining instead of decreasing restrictions. I dunno.

In the original article there was a quote which essentially said that starting drilling now wouldn't have an impact on current prices. I beg to differ with a caveat. Given that oil and gas are commodities, the prices that you see today were set about two months ago. If we could start drilling tomorrow, there would be a difference in the price 2 months from then and new drilling would cause the price to go down, barring any major problems. Maybe not a whole hell of a lot, but the market would respond to it.

On a similar note:

Monday started a tax holiday on hurricane supplies batteries, generators (under $3000?), coolers, radios etc. This is the second year that Florida has done this. It's pretty cool. I bought a generator and batteries last year.

I got to thinking, though, the other night. I think what we need is a gas tax holiday. You're supposed to fill up on gas before a storm hits and I need at least 20 gallons for my generator. We had a gas tax holiday throughout the month of August back in 2004 so why not for the hurricane season? I think I'd rather pay full price for batteries and what not if I can get a break on the gas tax.

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One Comment on “Rep. Putnam (R,FL) Responds”

  1. Frankly it’s a nice response. But…”will continue to work with Chairman Pombo of the Resources Committee to produce a reasonable, workable compromise” seems to be kicking the can down the street. Maybe he can keep his word. Or maybe this is political expediency.

    Your comment on drilling and its effect on commodity prices is spot on. Hell, the market can fluctuate significantly just on a “weather report” about what MAY happen during the upcoming hurricane season.

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