Same Ol’ Scare Tactics

I found a rant by some kook jackball, over at's Soapbox, entitled:

 More Republican Weapons of Mass Distraction Regurgitated For Your Voting Pleasure!!!

I thought about replying, but discovered that you had to pay to do so. Screw that. I can do it on my blog for free.

Anywho, it was a long, tired rant (the usual liberal lying points). I thought about dissecting it here, but had second thoughts. Don't want to bore anybody. I did, however, notice one particular point, on Socialist Stupidity, that shouldn't be ignored by anybody:

We have been and continue to lose our civil liberties! Our country and Social Security is going BROKE NOT because of illegals, it is because of BUSH and his LIE of a WAR!!!….Remember you have an obligation to yourselves and to your families to make this country the best and the healthiest environment possible; that means money in the Social Security coffers and no enormous deficit!


First of all, all the other BS aside, Socialist Stupidity was doomed to failure from the beginning.

Secondly, does anybody else remember last year while Bush was touring the country promoting a plan to FIX Socialist Stupidity, the liberals were falling all over themselves and getting on all possible TV and radio shows to tell us that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it? Nevermind that in the latter years of the lord BJ "administration", there was incessant whining from the left regarding the state of Socialist Stupidity.

In all of that whining and crying last year, I don't recall the libs ever making a suggestion of their own to fix it. No. They wanted to maintain the status quo. They wanted it left untouched. I can't remember a whole lot of anything positive the libs have ever proposed over the last few years. All I remember is hate, condemnation and mockery.

So are the liberals going to regurgitate this lying point for this election as well? I know they hope like hell that we're too stupid to remember what they do and/or say in the past but I, for one, am not. Bring it on, douchebags!

Oh BTW, what the hell does Socialist Stupidity have to do with a healthy environment?

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