Oh To Be a Minority In Congress

It amazes me how a "Democrat" can be videotaped accepting bribe money and nobody gives a good damn. Worse than that, the Republican leadership goes to bat for him. Nobody seems to give a damn about the fact that he commandeered rescue vehicles after hurricane Katrina to get his cash out of his house. If it had been a Republican who had done that, his career would have been over last September.  Looks like you can commit any crime and hide the evidence in your office and nobody will care.

"Democrats" say Well he's innocent until proven guilty. Right. Just like DeLay, Rove, Libby, Cheney, Bush etc.

Along the same lines, Hillary wants the federal government to pay for the education and healthcare of ILLEGAL immigrants. Pardon me, Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, but I was under the impression that the taxpayers were already doing just that.

If only I were an ILLEGAL immigrant. I could get deals on education, housing, healthcare etc. and I wouldn't have to worry about it. I wouldn't have to contribute much either. Hell, if I were a liberal, I wouldn't have to even work. You don't need to work or even think for yourself. You can be the biggest pussy and gutless wonder and be elevated to high stature. You would take precedent over Americans. Hell, you could become president! The more of a gutless failure you are, the higher you'll go. Just look at the Clintons.

Also, it's not fair for those who were born with fair skin and a dick to get jobs and an education. If you're a black or Hispanic woman, you've got the most opportunities in America. You don't even have to show any appreciation for it. Just claim sexual harrassment and shit all over anybody who gets in your way. They deserve it, afterall.

But TGC, that's racist to believe that.

You're right. It is racist to promote one person over another on the baisis of skin color. It's also sexist discrimination that women are given positions in order to fill quotas. No matter how liberals spin it, they're the ones who are the racists & sexists.

And that's another reason I believe that libs can drop down, fifth ring, cook.

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